Wyze Robot Vacuum - very loud vibration noise

We’ve had our robot vacuum for several months and suddenly it is making a very loud vibration noise. Sounds like it’s coming from the rear or possibly the lidar holes. It’s unbearably loud. I have replaced the brushes and filter but it makes no difference. Any ideas?

Welcome to the Forum Community, @RyFy. That’s a new issue I haven’t heard of before! Assuming this occurs only when actually vacuuming, have you checked the wheels to see if anything is caught or binding there? Also just as s matter of course check and tighten any visible screws.
If that doesn’t help, I suggest that you contact Wyze Support.
Live support is also available: +1-206-339-9646 Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
The phone call option is probably your best and quickest way and if it’s a warranty issue you will already be there!

I am having the same vibration noise.

My vacuum is having load vibration/clicking sound noise also.

My issue seems to have resolved itself. Something must have been stuck inside the vacuum where I couldn’t get to it. Whatever it was, it has shaken loose and the loud vibration noise is gone.