Wyze Robot Vacuum V2

I am really excited to see Wyze robo Vaccum. Still, I would hold off buying it till next year. Hope to see more features like multi floor mapping, object detection and most importantly, addition of self emptying feature.

Keep up the great work.


[Mod Edit]: Title Modified to Enhance Search Clarity. This topic can encompass all upgraded hardware features that are not compatible with the current vacuum.

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According to this, it will be available later via firmware.

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Should we concern ?

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Fun paper. I didn’t read it all. Why do they specifically reference machine produced audio rather than live speech? They’re picking up the sound off stable surfaces anyway…

You were first a camera company before expanding… you should have placed a camera in the vacuum. Would really be nice to see under things, like the bed and such…

you could also possibly vote for this idea here that sounds similar