Wyze Robot Vacuum V2 Ideas

I would love a reminder from the app on my phone to remind me to empty the vacuum bin after a completed cleaning cycle that is separate from the completion of a cleaning cycle. Additionally if the vacuum has not registered a removal of the bin for cleaning to have an alert sent the day before the next cleaning cycle is to take place.
These reminders would also be great if sent to Alexa and Google devices as a reminder notification to empty the bin too.

Thanks for your consideration.


We need an option to have the vacuum pause and send an alert to empty the dustbin after vacuuming please. Too often the vacuum goes back to charge with the dustbin full.


Yes this would be great, since it knows when it has been changed. So setting a reminder after every use, or the similar would be great.

I agree, if we had the option to change the direction it ran, or have it randomize so that the lines in the carpet change on each use. I foresee my carpet getting worn out… when the wheel lines are in the exact same spots each run.

I would love this also.

to be able to remap a specific room instead of the whole map would be great.

Also. to be able to backup your map incase it gets wiped, or something breaks and you have to restore a prev map.

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I want to love this vac, but it does not do well on pet hair. You need a different roller that handles that better. Just saw a Shark vac that has a roller is not a brush that works to get pet hair. This just leaves little clumps behind. And I vacuum every other day and empty and clean the brush each time. Cleaning the brush is a pain! Find something we can replace this brush with and it fits this vacuum please.

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The vacuum does great work and has shown me how shamefully gross my floors are–even with regular vacuuming. Any chance there will be an available self emptying dust bin?

I need to be able to split rooms on interior walls. My understanding is that splits are on only on external walls.


Same here… My only real complaint with the Robot Vac is this issue…


Agreed! I too REALLY want the ability to split rooms using interior walls (our home is square, and because of the existing exciting it is impossible to cut the house further up into the actual constituent rooms that comprise it)! Please make it happen Wyze team!


The vacuum should push a notification when the dust bin is getting full or is full. Perhaps generate an email
and optional periodic voice announcement with LED status changes as well. I’ve found the dustbin is pretty small and is filling up quickly after a few days time. I had no idea that the bin was full unless I manually check myself. Seems like an issue that should be able to be detected (low suction) even if there isn’t a bin sensor itself. This is a must have feature on the robot.


Seems like a bug more then a missing feature.
Love the vacuum otherwise, just keep hoping the interior wall issue will get addressed soon.

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I have split room on interior walls, but sometimes it is taken a couple of tries

Here’s probably an outlandish idea.

Have a way to place a point on the map where your trash can is. When the robot is done its cleaning have it park at that spot. Once someone removes and replaces the dust bin it only then automatically returns home to charge.

I’m notorious for forgetting to empty the dust bin until it starts up the next day. This would help me remember to empty it!


That’s a great idea.

Also love this idea.

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An addon self emptying base for the robot vaccum would be awesome - like the RoomBAAA/SHARk etc…

Yeah, I love it on my Roomba S9 for the main floor. Wyze is relegated to the less used floor.

Be a good way to squeeze a few more dollars out of the vacuum. Roborock is bringing out their auto-empty bin in the next few months and their vacs are also a Xiaomi OEM vac like the Wyze. Looking at how they implemented it, appears they’re doing a full reverse suction on the entire opening.

Problem is, the Wyze Vac uses the older style of layout offered. So it wouldn’t be directly compatible and I don’t know if Wyze does any actual product design outside of firmware/aesthetics. I think they just acquire hardware from OEM’s (cuts R&D costs, allowing to offer cheaper products). Otherwise that’d be a good jumping off point to develop the add-on accessory.

I’m going to test some things on the Wyze, I might open source a DIY option as the software/bin vacuum won’t be difficult, it’s getting the seal on the underside.

Be nice to have an add-on to auto empty our wyze robot vacuums