Wyze Robot Vacuum - Replacement parts & accessories

Dog hair gets wrapped around the brushes. iRobot offers rubber brushes with no bristles on some models. These brushes work great. No need to extract the dog hair from the brush bristles.

I hope Wyze will consider offering rubber brushes as an accessory.


Totally agree with this. I have had many IRobot units, and when they switched to the rubber spined rollers, it was so much better.

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Yep, I second this! Why not provide access to parts?

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thanks for this info

Found silicone brushes that should fit our vacs, but they’re from Europe and sold out :frowning:

I also just ordered one of the rollers w/ the removable ends for the Roborock vacs, so we’ll see if it fits when it gets here on Wednesday. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Have you tried Aliexpress…they look a lot cheaper there

Yeah, but waiting a month or more isn’t overly appealing. Although if I could find that silicone one on there, I’d order it in a heartbeat. Cleaning the hair out of these bristles is awful.

Wish I had known about that before ordering another Wyze vacuum! The Xiaomi does multiple floors!

I wonder if an IRobot silicone brush would fit?

It would be nice to have the option of buying spare parts for the robot vacuum incase anything goes wrong.

No, it will not. Parts for the Xiaomi STYJ02YM, Viomi V2 Pro, and Cecotec Conga 3290/3490/3690 will all for this vacuum. They are plentiful on AliExpress.

I just mentioned this in another comment but spare parts for Xiaomi STYJ02YM, Viomi V2 Pro, and Cecotec Conga 3290/3490/3690 will all work for this vacuum. You can find the normal wear-and-tear stuff, but also mechanical parts in case something happens that’s not covered by or out of warranty. Lots of the major parts of the vac are easily replaced, including the battery, it’s literally just four screws underneath the brush housing.

I’m disappointed that Wyze apparently just changed the esthetics of existing vacuums and coupled the re-design with an inferior application. Compare:

All of Wyze’s products are rebranded stuff though. So there should be no surprise there. I am quite dissapointed with the software. All the problems are very very basic issues. This app was not read for prime time at all. My map still goes awol every other use.

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Look at how many floors the 360 Vacuum does, 10! Wyze limits us to one?!

Anyone thought about flashing the firmware from the 360 S5 into the Wyze vacuum? You’ll probably wind up with a better vacuum, and a new app… I doubt it requires internet to run. To top it off, they’re cheaper.

I’m usually not this naive and was sold on Wyze by the quality of the V3 camera. Robo-vac was an impulse buy following order of smart watch and out door plugs. Plugs seem good and price - except for S&H - was also good.

If a company is simply going to re-brand a product, it should adopt the software as well.

Their whole purpose is to write their own software programming for the technology - it’s what also save on consumer costs. You bought a product that is hundreds of dollars cheaper than it’s direct competition that has some issues to work out. Y’all just need to be patient while things are sorted out.

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They didn’t redesign anything when it comes to the hardware except for the labels on the machine and the lidar cover. From what I’ve been able to gather, their app supports all of the current features of the STYJ02YM minus mopping.

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As far as I can tell, multi-floors is only supported by the original Chinese version of the Xiaomi robot. I didn’t find any evidence that it was available on the global version, so it’s not just Wyze customers that don’t have it.