Wyze Robot Vacuum Mapping

I’m in a better place today after installing the beta https://wyze.com/become-a-beta-tester

Install beta and firmware, let it run for 1:30 and it came back to charge. It got to 60% charge then tried to take off again. I paused it immediately and pushed it back on the charger hoping it would stay paused and finish charging - with the hopes of unpausing it tomorrow at a more convenient time. Instead it “finished” the cleaning. I now have a map (since it got far enough I guess?). It’s not 100% but I hope that now I can target a room it will “finish” building out the map.

Non-beta iOS software didn’t give me the map editor option.

Also, this thing is loud. Even on quiet. Might be all my hardwoods and open floor plan, but there is no way I could run this at night during bedtime.

I have a weird issue where it has cleaned the same floor a few times now. But each time it deletes the map and starts over once I send it out to clean. Somewhat annoyed by that, but whatever.

Moreover, when I go to the Map Editor, it says “There is no map yet”, when I can see it in the app. Very confused, must be a bug. Does anyone else have this same issue?

I just joined the beta so hopefully, I’ll get the edit room button. I’ve had success 2 times by moving the vacuum to a room I want to clean and push clean. hopefully, with the new beta, I’ll be able to do it from the app.

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Join beta and install beta firmware. Let it run until it comes home to charge. Let it charge to 60% and take off again to clean. Pause it, set it back on charger. Worked for me and may work without these steps, but I’m only 2 days in so I’m working with limited data.

Click on the room in the beta app and you are supposed to be able to clean that room

Tried asking it to clean a partially mapped room tonight and it literally only cleaned the parts it originally mapped. It did “fill in” the partial map with newly discovered boundaries, but that didn’t translate to the map that is available in map editor. Arggg

Wow… wish my rooms were divided up like that. Somehow all I got was a few rooms and the one BIG room that is actually a few rooms.

Having an issue where the vacuum completed cleaning the entire floor, but did not identify any rooms. This is after clearing all mapping, moving the charging station, and doing it over again. Otherwise impressed at the feature set.

@Tim curios to know what firmware you have. Mine is 1.6.75. Did yours have rooms before moving the charger and remapping?

Just for reference, I have a room that is two steps up from the rest of the downstairs and I just let it map the lower area and then recharge. I then picked it up and moved to the upper area and hit Clean and it mapped that room out. It told me it couldn’t get back to the charging station when it was done and I put it on the lower level and it made its way back to the charger.
Next experiment will be upstairs. it would be a miracle if it can figure that out but we’ll see.

Recommendation: Do your mapping on the lowest suction level to get a full map done. I found that if you interrupt the vacuum charging, before the initial clean is finished, the maps get generated and they are not optimal. Plan on finishing on full mapping (took me 4 charges…1x 100% and 3x 60%).

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Who’s got time to do that. We’re at home all day and it’s noisy.

That’s what I did. It isn’t bad to do that one time. I’m also home all day with my family still working from home; I haven’t found it distracting.

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I did this the second time I tried to map. I’ve watched this vacuum get down to 8% power at which point it quit trying to vacuum got noticeability quieter and returned to dock so it has the mode when battery is low.

Maybe the App can be updated to allow just a mapping mode where no suctioning at all to give it the battery life to walk the entire perimeter of each room and allow you to let the system know you would a room to stop and start in the exploration.


If I join the beta will I need to remap? Or will my saved map transfer?

You should vote for that feature: Wyze Vacuum Scan Request/Mapping only

Don’t know. I didn’t have map editing until I went to beta.

Lucky you! I’m beta but it doesn’t show the editing.

I have the same issue, the map is not available, then when I clean again it remaps the whole house again

Is there a way to save the map after it finishes the complete vacuum

Multiple floor option select would be really great. I’ve got mine dialed in nicely on the main floor. I hate to mess that up by taking it upstairs for a spin.

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