Wyze robot vacuum map editing

If Wyze would open source it, we could have fixed it and made it way better by now.

Definitely need the manual mapping. My vac sees a 3 foot section of wall and thinks it spans the whole room. Even though the scan of the room clearly shows the room correctly, the vac continues to skip areas (thinking there’s a wall there) only to come back and vacuum those ares at the end.

What version is your vacuum? I’m on the Alpha version of the app and the vacuum is on 1.6.75 and I don’t have the edit feature. Does your vacuum have a later firmware version?

Suggestion to include the ‘hint’ of setting to Quiet Mode for initial scan in the getting started instructions. Not having used the vacuum before I did not realize the medium setting would deplete the battery before the scan was complete.

If this is the initial mapping, that’s the way it creates the map. First it does approximately a 20x20ft square, even though that might do a part of a room. After it finishes that it continues further from base. I think there is some improvement they can do there, but that’s the current design.

Having issues with mapping function on vacuum. Please develop a function to remap floor without going through the clean function & enable a room defining function. PLEASE! It will make the vacuum much less frustrating. Right now I have to reset map & reclean to define areas & when I use virtual walls the app crashes & I have to start all over again! It is a 4.5hour process every time I want to vacuum only 3 rooms& not the entire floor plan!

It took me hours to setup enough virtual walls for the robot vacuum not to get hung up on side-tables, chairs and other furniture. Please update the software to allow this data either to remain even after resetting the map or give us the ability to save the virtual walls in some other way. A bonus would be creating a custom wall using a 4-point system (for angled furniture and walls).

Also we need the ability to add new rooms and save the old rooms. Would like to use this on another floor from time to time.

Similar to setting up a virtual wall we need the ability to pick a location for spot cleanup.

So far I’m impressed at the intelligence built-in to the vacuum. Every once in awhile it becomes confused and goes in circles or heads somewhere it already covered.

Thank you.

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Now that we are nearing the 30 day return period with no movement in the software/firmware side,
how many are thinking of returning the vacuum ?

I am kind of torn as it seems like the vac has potential but I don’t know how much
effort Wyze will put in fixing things instead of moving to a new product launch.

In my experience with all other Wyze products, they keep updating them very regularly. On average I see every product have a firmware upgrade every 1-2 months, and I haven’t seen that slow down as they ramped up new products. I’m guessing they keep project teams per product and keep growing their staff as they grow their product lineup. Looks like the last vacuum firmware was mid-December, so I’m expecting for them to move up the current beta version out into wide release and getting a new beta together within the next couple weeks.

Also I’ve generally had a very good experience with the vacuum (i know others have had less luck though).


Map editing will be great, but I’m very happy with how it works now. Even though rooms aren’t divided and named quite as I would like, I can still tell it which rooms to clean and it easily finds its way back home. Another great Wyze product that I expect will get better over time.

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Absolutely love the wobot! Is it possible to make my own rooms in the app? I know you can select rooms for it to clean but the robot decided on the rooms itself and room 2 encompasses like 4 rooms and if I draw virtual walls then the robot can’t get to a section of the wall is blocking the path to the other room if that makes sense?

How were you able to scan and name different rooms? Did you do 6 scans separately?

The map editor allows you to rename rooms and split or join rooms.

@dale4 unfortunately not all of us have the map editor. I would very much like it because my ability to effectively use the vacuum is severely compromised without it. But it seems Wyze only rolls out the map editor to some users and not others.

How to access map editor?
I am still, after 2 weeks, working on mapping out all the rooms on the first floor. It takes 4.5 hours, then the vacuum quits & map disappears. I have to start all over again & re-clean floors to obtain map. So far…no success! Very frustrating, although my floors in some rooms are super clean!

Just got the latest iOS Beta (2.17.11 (5)) and it prompted for an update to the Vacuum to 1.6.95 (I was previously on 1.6.75) and the edit feature was there! It worked really well for me and now I have all the rooms broken up just the way I want them. I’ll have to run it to those specific rooms and make sure it obeys what the app now shows, but I’m really pleased to finally have this.

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Has anyone figured out a way to do multiple floor mappings


has anyone figured out how to deal with internal walls? The app will not let me split up rooms with the closet and the area underneath the stairs because the app thinks its a giant piece of furniture.

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The new update is a great improvement. Being able to label the rooms is nice, but we are still unable to set out room divisions. You can see from my included image how off the robot’s determination is by solid lines vs. dotted lines.
Overall I’m happy to see that Wyze is listening and improving the software experience.