Wyze robot vacuum map editing

bot simply makes a quick trip around the house for scanning the map…no cleaning…no tight spaces.
It gives you that option and the app


Got the second WRV today!!!
Quick mapping was very nicely done!!

I have a similar thing… I mapped the whole floor but blocked a room.
Do i have to remap the whole house? or can i get it to find that room and add it?

with the existing firmware, as far as I know, it will not discover new areas. Basically the vacuum will not go anywhere that is not highlighted as floor (doesn’t have the teal shading). Now that’s obviously an important piece of functionality, and I’m sure they are working on getting this in soon. The last update was about a month ago, so I’m expecting they’ll be pushing another one any day. If it’s not a critical room for you to clean I’d suggest waiting on the next update and seeing if that functionality will be included. If it’s something you want cleaned asap then i would do a remap. I’ve posted my suggestions to get best results on a mapping higher up in this discussion:

OK thanks for the info.

The vac can discover new rooms during its cleaning. I closed off my bathroom during the initial run, and then there’s next day the door was open and it added it. The map is is not completely static (hence why so many people have issues with it flipping and doing weird things). The one thing it doesn’t seem to do though is bring walls in… for example, if you leave a lower cabinet door open, the laser will see to the back of the cabinet and add it as a wall, when the door is closed that back wall remains on the map but it will also draw the cabinet door as a wall.

You ever have issues with the vac pushing the charger around? I have mine under the bed as well and sometimes it moves it around. I usually can tell bc the vac wandering aimlessly around the house lol I need to put some double sided tape I’m the charger.

Haven’t had issues with that. One time I did notice it tried to connects then probably nudged it a little, backed off, got back to like the middle of the room, and then connected successfully. But double sided tape is probably a good idea anyway. They should have really put a blast or something into the charging station so it is a little more sturdy. I also wonder why they opted in for a side contact with no base plate on the charger. I personally haven’t had much issue, but I can see a lot of ways that contact can go wrong vs the more traditional contact variants.

I put some of those 3M adhesive stickers under mine. You can get a pack from Amazon for like $4. I learned that trick with roomba bases. Obviously I have floor at its base. Not carpet.

Yes, i did at first. But then Command stripped it to a old Shark Base plate. Not had the issue since.

Rather than erase map and remap whole house, it would be helpful to place a box the same way you can set a virtual wall and have the robot remap that area on the next cleaning that includes that area. Good if you have re-arranged the furniture, or remodeled an area. This would be faster than remap the whole house and not require you to put back virtual walls. Perhaps when you click Ok to finalize the remap area it would change the color of walls/objects in the area to a different color until they get remapped.

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I like this idea a lot.

We need a feature: The robot does not recognize stairs and even an entire wall in our kitchen. I think bc it can see to the top of the stairs.

But I would love to be able to manually identify an area as a wall. This is different than placing a red virtual wall. It doesn’t recognize these walls as true walls, so it won’t let us separate our rooms properly. The split room “anchors” won’t attach to the doorways.

TL/dr: robot won’t recognize true walls for some reason. Can’t split rooms up correctly.

Absolutely need more flexibility in where to split rooms. With rectangular room design I don’t think a diagonal split would often be desired, but a split across doorways would be natural.

Ron Biddle

I had this issue with interior walls or island spaces too. To help me split rooms better, I placed collapsed Amazon boxes across a couple selected spots and did a quick 15 min remap. It essentially connected the interior walls to outside walls and allowed me to then use those interior walls as connectors for room splitting.
Green arrows pointing to the two spots I temporarily stood up collapsed boxes when remapping. This image shows the remap path and time it took too. One minor downside with this approach is it takes a longer path to get from base to the kitchen when I’m just vacuuming that room, which doesn’t bother me.

That might help my stairs issue. I’ll try the boxes trick. Thanks!

Yes, I’d like this too.
If the vacuum can be instructed to clean a single room it would seem easy enough to have it remap a single room after room changes were made.

The vacuum can’t see up stairs… if you happen to have a camera that sees in infrared, turn off the lights and record the vacuum. You’ll see that it makes a line around the room at (close to?) the same height as the laser itself. Do you happen to have any mirrors or reflective surfaces around these areas? Windows and mirrors can cause the lidar to trip up. I was also reading somewhere that hopping from satellite to satellite on a mesh network can cause uses as well.

Thanks for the info. No mirrors or anything nearby.

Can someone explain the difference between remap and reset map.