Wyze robot vacuum - map editing & enhancements

Came here because I’ve been testing a few vacs and the Wyze is the first one I’ve had create a crooked map. At least I know it’s a common issue.

From the looks of it, it even uses these crooked maps to plot the vacuuming lines as well. They should add the ability to realign the map or include an algorithm that realigns to the most lines that move in the same direction (this is how Roborock and Roomba appear to align).

Seems to be most things in the app are well completed, except the mapping. Compared to competitors base models, it’s missing these:

  • Multi-mapping (e.g. 2 floors)
  • Spot cleaning (usually a circular pattern outward from where you select).
  • Realign maps
  • Multipass mode (at least I didn’t see it). The vac would clean the room in both directions, like a hatch pattern.

I am in the Beta program, and a couple of features have been added:

  • Support for multiple floors (requires another base station, or moving the base station).
  • Rotating the No-Go zones.

While I have not had to rotate my no-go zones, they now can be. A challenge I do have with the no-go zones is that they cannot be narrow enough for it to correctly navigate around my desk feet. When I set the feet as no-go, it would stay too far away when vacuuming, so now I just let it bounce around in that space.

It appears the current software is V2.20.142, whereas the Beta is V2.21.26 which offers these features.


Robo Vacuum - better room splitting

Currently, room splitting only lets you split on exterior walls. This makes certain desired splits impossible to achieve.

Here is my current layout, red boxes added to make it more clear how the rooms are split.

The ‘dining’ and ‘living’ areas are not ideal, as they actually contain more than one space each. The ‘dining’ contains our kitchen and dining room. The ‘living’ contains the living room, entry, and hallway.

Preferably, I would like to split those rooms into more granular areas. Something like this

To get to that point though, the app would need to be updated to let me split against interior walls and other split lines. Right now if you try that, it will auto move the split back to an exterior wall and give an error.
cant split


Until they fix it (please fix it, Wyze!!), use boxes or other obstructions to create walls where you need them for the original mapping. Then you can remove the fake walls and split the rooms as desired.


I have 2 Roombas, a Shark AI, and a Wyze. I think the Wyze vac does the best job but this issue with room mapping is my biggest complaint. The Shark app is much better in this one aspect. If this were fixed I would rate the Wyze best of all robot vacs.

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I should be able to draw room splits anywhere, even if it doesn’t end on a location auto-determined to be an exterior point. Many rooms can share walls, and currently the app often demarks center sections as “obstacle” rather than “exterior”, and thus won’t allow splitting.

In my experience, I have to explicitly close a door in order to ensure I don’t have any loops in my floor plan (while mapping). When the door is open, it marks all of the inner walls as potentially-navigable, and thus I can’t actually separate the rooms properly. However, this work-around for me is not possible for fully open-floorplan buildings, so there should be an option to subdivide even in the absence of walls.

Others have reported this issue too:

However I didn’t see it in the wishlist for voting, and there are currently 0 items in the roadmap tagged with wyze-robot-vacuum.

Here are some sample runs of my place, showing the open vs closed door results, as my own example of the division issue.

Another related post, of somebody wanting to put in interior division: Wyze Vaccuum Map on Open Floor Plan (Map Editor)

Room Dividing by Interior Walls - Robot Vacuum

The Robot Vacuum cannot currently divide mapped rooms using interior walls which are not connected to exterior walls/room boundaries. My #wishlist request is a simple coding fix to allow this.

In my case, I have an interior wall “island” between my kitchen and dining room with a hallway on the other side. I cannot appropriately divide these 3 spaces (see pic):


I want this too. I have the same frustrating issue. I ended up making a fake cardboard wall so the vacuum would better map the area, but it’s not the solution it should be.


A good workaround until this is changed is to set up a separate map of the area and use virtual walls to force the vac to clean only the desired “room” - basically create a hallway system to channel the vac to the desired area.

How do you set up a separate map of the area? There is just one map, like in the diagram above.

You can add additional maps for the same areas:

You don’t even need to do that for what I was referring to. Just use the no-go zones to create virtual hallways just wide enough for your vacuum to march through one room into the desired room you want to clean. I do that for a bedroom in the back of my house two rooms away from the dock and it works fine.

The only icon I have on my map screen is the pencil to edit the existing map. There are no other two icons which are displayed above it in the above pictures, and no option to add another map.

Tomp are you on a beta version that has yet to be released. My Robovac shows firmware 1.6.113, app version 2.26.21

I am a Beta tester but the images I posted are from the production app which I downloaded just for this issue. My FW is different which probably means it’s a Beta version. It been a long time since I had a FW update. I just checked and the current release FW for production is 1.6.113 (April 19, 2021), so even though I’m using the production app it must be a Beta FW issue.
Sorry - my mistake, but- look what you have to look forward to!

Wyze robo vaccum map editor- ability to delete areas

The lidar mapping capability and accuracy is extremely good; the app is no different. Ability to delete part of the map (or a room) will be a great addition.

I have a couple of rooms with large mirrors which extends close to the floor. The lidar sees it as another open space and I get an image of the room in the map!

I would definitely love to see map editing. I’ve come across this same issue and it’s very frustrating. I don’t need to clean my whole house everyday at once. Would be nice to tell my robot to go to my bathroom that sits in the center of the house and vacuum. Map editing is a must have.

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I have the same issue. I cannot divide my kitchen, breakfast area, foyer, or my family room using interior walls. My front room, and dining room divided just fine. I’ve remapped 5 times already. Am I doing something wrong?

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Promised alexa integration and better room mapping and splitting but and we get is…


Robot Vacuum Wishlist - No Vacuum Zone, Backup Maps, Better Room Creation

Hi, here are my wish list items for the robot vacuum:

  1. Add ability to set “no vacuum zones”. I’m not sure if the no-go zone can do this, but if not, it would be nice to be able to identify areas, like our hardwood hallway, that the vacuum will cross, but not vacuum.

  2. Add the ability to backup saved maps (I’m using the beta version). When I initially map a floor, I do several things that I won’t do on a normal run. Such as tucking up bed skirts (the vacuum sees them as walls during the mapping process), moving items off the floor that I might not during a normal cleaning, etc. It’s enough work that I only want to do it once, so it would be nice if I could somehow backup these maps (cloud, phone, PC, whatever) as a precaution against losing them.

  3. Add a better way to define rooms in the map. Something similar to the process that creates no-go zones (adjustable rectangle) would be nice to specify rooms. The current process works well on “standard” rooms with hard walls, but there are exceptions. Our dining room is open on two sides. The current room process won’t let me accurately map the room because it doesn’t have hard walls to attach the “split line” to. The best I can do is attach a line from the far wall of the dining room to a wall in the hallway. Not ideal, especially if wish list number one is ever added.


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