Wyze Robot Vacuum - Information about Quick Mapping and a GIVEAWAY!

Mr. Pacman just finished mapping my 2070sf home in 18 minutes. Looks much better but I am still unable to split my kitchen from the den. I created a kitchen/den area and a breakfast/den area.

Pulito (Italian for “clean”) mapped our main floor of about 1,100ft² in 10 minutes…using mach speed aka firmware version 1.6.113.

The quick map is faster. The up stairs (Beach Comber) completed approximately 500sqft in just a couple of minutes. The downstairs (Beach Sweeper) was able to complete approximately 850sqft in 7 minutes. Both seemed more accurate with one exception. the black void in the image is actually my couch. Because it somehow scanned the dark area as a wall or void, it will not sweep under there now. I’ll have to try to rescan the area with some things moved out of the way so that the area exists in the Beach Sweeper’s known world.

screenshot didn’t work. mapped about 275 sqft of 350sft area in 10 min; then it took about 5 min to return to base.; name robot vacuum. original huh.

Finnegan has been fantastic since we got him. He was able to quickmap 304 sq ft in just over 10 minutes.

My “Cruddy” robot vacuum mapped out my house using the lidar eye ball which is running at firmware version 1.6.113. Scanned 919 sq feet in less than 30 minutes! It now does a fantastic job of sucking up the crud in my house!

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