Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.199 and 1.6.202 Gradually Released! - 3/22/22

Hi, folks!

We have a gradual sequential update with experience improvements going out for Wyze Robot Vacuum! A portion of vacuums currently on 1.6.113 will have access to 1.6.199 followed by 1.6.202. Don’t worry if you don’t see these today!

Read our Release Notes:


@WyzeGwendolyn I just opened a ticket, but I currently have 1.6.130 and do not see an update pending. How would I force a firmware update when it’s not showing one available?

This update was only available to a portion of the vacuums that were on FW 1.6.113. They have been very slow to roll out vacuum updates, hopefully that will change soon.

Boy folks, I still run my vacuum daily and love most of my wyze products despite some issues along the way. I’m a long term advocate and have turned numerous other folks onto the wyze family of products but it seems like the real vibe I became dedicated to is starting to fade. I remember a year ago when there was so much talk about what features were coming to the vac, like spot cleaning, and here we sit, crippled by problematic updates and quickly outdated hope. I catch thread after thread any more when I read about my different products that end the same way… fizzle and silence, no comment other than email remnants of a promise for future updates. In the mean time I am shocked to find myself looking at what might be my next watch outside wyze, or when the vac dies… don’t lose me wyze… I’m the type of customer that is vital, I preorder a huge amount of your products and build anticipation amongst others, I use your products daily at home and at work… I know growing pains are a part of something so edge margin as your business and you have treated me well over the years. Please keep up that spirit, double down on the commitment to your promises and keep your core values forward.