Wyze robot vacuum dust bin

Does anyone have a video on how to open the dust bin on the wyze robot vacuum?

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On the side with the intake, you’ll see two tabs with arrows. Push down on the side with the tabs and it’ll open. The first time I opened it, it took more force than I expected.


I tried pressing on the tabs with the arrows, but that doesn’t work. You should just grab the lid in one hand and hold the bin in the other hand and pop it open.


That was my experience, as well. Grabbing it like you state and just giving a good pop, it’ll open. I have 2 vacuums, and I found that the first time you open it, it’s hard, but after that first open, it’s pretty easy.

Really, I think the tabs are more to hold it in the vacuum and really have nothing to do with opening or closing the bin.

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You just have to push it out. It’s a bit stuck because the seal around the latch is new, so it’s a bit sticky. It just takes a bit of force to open it the first few times.


Thank you, everyone. I was finally able to open it. I was just afraid to force it too much, didn’t want to break it.

I had the same issue and kept wondering if I was going to break the bin. The visual instructions on the top of the dust bin are not easy to follow or understand. It needs to be more intuitive. Frankly I couldn’t even figure out what it mean by “open the lid” on the robot. Some visual clues or instructions would be helpful. But beyond that, the vacuum is great!

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Just got the vacuum and got it open by reaching in the opening where the dirt goes in and with your finger push the lid.


I had the same issue and after a couple of uses it does open very easily.