Wyze Robot Vacuum Coming Tomorrow. Here's Your Exclusive Discount Code (CODE EXPIRED)

Do you know the what the max height would be for the vac to be able to cross over?

I received the email for the Wyze Robot Vacuum but it doesn’t appear for pre-order.

I got my email with discount code but I don’t see it listed.

Check now, the release was happening at 10 am PT

The vacuum is now available here:


Many of these questions answered here:

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Can the Wyze vac be used in a two-story home? Can it learn the paths for both floors? Can I carry it from one floor to the other? Or would I have to buy two vacs? I’ve been searching for the answer but am running out of time to take advantage of the early access offer and discount code.

(the website offers “live help” during daytime hours but clicking on that i am offered only the option to send an email inquiry)

What is the size/capacity of the dust bin?
Neato D6 user here. Love the capacity of the D6 compared to my relatives’ Deebot 901 which is 1/3 the size of the Neato’s dust bin.

Relatives are excited with the Wyze Vac coming in at 2x the suction of the 901, for sure.

Very excited about any Wyze product. I am a big fan. We proudly own many of your creations. My only concern moving forward is most products are Alexa compatible out of the box and Google Home people like myself are left hanging.
This issue rings true with this NEW Robie vacuum that we are in the market for.
Thank you

Also did you ever consider adding a camera to this NEW VAC for a live feed. Could use vacuum as part of a upcoming security system/monitoring.
Just a free idea!!!


Yes, please share size/capacity of dust bin!

2.1 Kpa for a robot vacuum is very good!

Why only one side brush? Two side brushes will enable it to sweep in more in a single pass.

Another Product which took more effort to make than a PC App. SHM

Spoke with Support. They said:

Wyze Robot Vacuum can hold up to 550ml of contents.

For reference:
Deebot 901: 350ml
Neato D6: 700ml

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Hi I just tried ordering to ship to Canada, doesn’t Wyze ship outside of the US? I keep missing out on these great deals!

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:partying_face: :open_mouth: WHAT!!! That is super cool!

Can’t wait to order.

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Dave, will the map be stored on the vacuum? Or your web server? Will there be a monthly fee to access the map of our home? Will you be implementing a Wyze plus with a srperate fee for the vacuum?



Hi There is this for US residents only? I got the offer but only has US address options.

Welcome to the Wyze community @stv1danz!
Currently only available in the US due to shipping limitations. Canadian shipping will be available soon, but I’m not sure on other areas.

:grin: :wink:

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