Wyze Robot Vacuum - A survey about a new feature

Well then sign me up for the beta please.

Just go here in the Account menu and select the vacuum beta

When I split the rooms, I often wish I could create a room with a rectangle within the floor rather than drawing a line from the edges of the map. The rooms are shaped like a trapezoid sometimes because of the current limitations.

Also, I wish I could remap only selected rooms when I move furniture. When I move furniture around in one room, I have to remap the entire floor…


I just joined beta and downloaded the beta app but I don’t see any beta features.

Most of the beta features will be found in the beta firmware. To sign up a product for beta firmware, in the app go to account (lower right), then About (very bottom), then Beta Program and choose which devices you would like in beta. I believe the most recent beta firmware for the vacuum was removed though due to an issue.

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I completed the survey as well. When do you predict the new version of firmware will be released (not beta) that will allow the floor maps to be saved?


Spot clean is I the newest beta along with multi floor mapping.

Would love to see the new mopping feature with the Wyze Vacuum. Will be great to mop the hardwood floors but the mop doesn’t affect the carpets .

can you show me a picture of Spot clean? I have the latest beta and don’t see that feature.

What FW are you using on your vacuum, I know one of the beta versions was paused due to issues so you may not have it on the beta you are using.

I am using 1.6.126

Hi Hongfei, Question about the vacuum and the many reports of floor staining. As a Product Manager can Wyze address this to those effected by permanent Wood and Carpet floor staining? Maybe a defected batch of “Rubber Tires” that had been sent out ? With these reported issues…People are frustrated to no resolution coming from Wyze.

When will the beta firmware be general release so everyone could save maps for different floors? Any update on this?

This would be a great new feature. However, even better would be to fix the mapping problem that prevents internal walls being used S anchor points to divide rooms. It is a serious problem, not just an inconvenience.

Totally agree. It is a HUGE problem for me and the way my house is designed.

There is a little square right above the pencil icon on the right hand side of your map. Tap that square to get the spot clean thing.

We need a button to remove the floor/rug stains?

Spot Cleaning is currently in beta testing. dasilva does not have required beta firmware. The beta firmware update is also unavailable at this time.

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