Wyze Robot Vacuum - 3 floor vacuuming - multiple sections per floor?

Just got the robot. what is the best way to set up plans for 3 different floors?? Also I might want to split each floor into 2-3 parts and and vacuum them separately at different times etc.
Yes I will carry the robot to the other floors and hopefully I can tell the robot on what floor it is.
Is this all possible?? Can I have multiple different maps and sections in each map??


There currently isn’t a feature that allows it any differently than you’re doing it. I thought it was on the Roadmap for a future feature, but can’t find it right now. I agree it’s cumbersome to tote it up and down stairs and remap areas. They new quick map feature has helped tremendously on that front.

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Yes being able to save multiple maps and being able to tell the robot which map to clean would be useful

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I suggest that Wyze actually respond to some of the issues/questions in the forum. For example, the topics regarding the Vacuum have a number of questions about how things are supposed to work, but no certain answers. Some information from Wyze about how to best do initial mapping and what features are coming eventually (no date needed) would be most helpful. For example, will there be 1) spot cleaning 2) Multiple floor support, etc.


The forum is primarily for user to user interaction. If you are not getting the answers you seek here, the best way to communicate with Wyze is through the official support channel: Customer Support (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


sorry I’m late to the party. I missed this post.

both of these are being worked on currently but are not in Beta yet.


These are on the wishlist as well. I remember Gwendolyn said multi-level support is supposed to come eventually.
Here are some items mentioned in this thread that are on the wishlist.


“user supported” support… Unique approach though

This would be an amazing upgrade for the robot vacuum. It’s a pain to reset your map every time you want to clean a different level. Hope the WYZE team is working on this.