Wyze robo vac

I have had a chance to clean about 700 square feet with this vac. So far I am impressed. Will give more insight after more use.


I was an early backer for the robot vacuum and I seem to be unable to receive my reward (a v3 camera) since they were back ordered. Now I see that they are not back ordered anymore but they closed my ticket and no word or msg as to when they will honor the early backer program. Any ideas as to how to correct this?

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If you chose the V3 as your backer gift, they are going to ship it to you without you having to order it. They only ask that you update your address if needed. No other action needed.

At the time I ordered my vac they did not know which items would be available so I was hoping the v3 would be but never got an email or voucher to order one.

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Same here I tried to contact them also and got no reply even though I was also an early backer

Same here…