WYZE - Resume Schedule Function / Away Mode Issue

When I have set the thermostat to away mode, even while I’m still away, a schedule (such as Sleep) will take over the Away mode and put it into the Sleep schedule. This makes no sense since I’m still away. Once the thermostat is in away mode, it shouldn’t move back to the normal schedules until auto away tells it to, or I arrive at home and put it into Sleep. I use device triggers to set my thermostat to Away mode because the current auto mode puts it into away mode if the user with the phone leaves the house, and if no one passes in front of the thermostat. But that doesn’t work when there’s still someone downstairs (where the thermostat is not).

This brings up another point that a trigger that should be possible in rules is “resume schedule” so that instead of having to set it to a specific mode when you arrive home, it can just “cancel” away mode and resume whatever schedule should have been happening at the time.

Without this combo of features I can’t truly automate away/home mode with the thermostat because right now the app only does auto away with one phone. What about when you live with more than one person (like most people do)? I’ve found a way to trigger rules based off everyone in my house being gone and the first person arriving, but without the Away mode holding until it’s cancelled and the rules having the ability to “resume schedule” I can’t replace what I was doing with my Ecobee previously.