Wyze relay switch (not a smart plug)

Exactly what I’m looking for to close/open my garage door.

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I think a relay device would be great also!

But I did have the idea of cracking a camera open and using the IR light power to trigger a relay. It would be a little clunky because you have to cycle through on/off/auto each time but depending what you want to do it could work.

Or,… better yet crack open a PTZ and paired with a latching relay you could get 2 channels from the Pan and Tilt.

how about detecting wyze blue power light to turn relay on and off,. a photocell and 74c14 hex inverter IC would do the trick. ( this might be problem if status light is invoked for debugging purposes )

also use microphone as input. use cheap piezo buzzer driven by cheap oscillator. a 74c14 hex inverter IC would act as input conditioner , oscillator , speaker driver. this could be handy way to connect an “intruder trip wire” to the camera.

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Yes they already have the technology with the Wyze power socket
Just need to have a slim line closed box with same workings inside etc with protected power in and power out terminals able to screw Relay to a wall etc and be controlled by wyze motion sensor/ magnetic contact.
I would use it to start my DHW recirc pump when someone is close to the bathrooms with ability to switch off after 10mins if no further detection is recorded (old house and long way to boiler lol) saves heat loss and the planet lol

Hay Brian4…thanks for the info, but found Meross…they make a garage door switch. Retro fit to most doors. Works well…won’t say great (a little touchy with Alexa) But works pretty well.

Would love to have an output relay I could control.

I also would like a controllable output relay. Just a dry contact that would have a common and normally open and normally closed terminals would take care of most of my applications. If I needed to pass higher voltage I could have the Wyze output activate another relay that could handle the load.

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How good would it be that Wyze sensor or camera or manually you cam turn on wireless relay that you can connect anything you want to it.
Perfect DIY tool.
Would be good if it could be battery powered (example 9V battery) or by USB power supply.
Ot would definitely boooooooost sales for sensors.

enabling to control larger amp loads along with multi phase loads

When you have a wireless relay you can attach anything on it.
Already starting to make my own model with arduino.

You guys have everything you need with the wyze plug, just make it work on 12v instead of 120, and give us access to the normally open, common and normally closed contacts.
It would be awesome if you guys made 12v relays that we could use to activate things(the alarm/lights/horn/LEDs/AC, ect.) in our cars from anywhere.
Also if we made robots that we could activate functions on them depending on which relay we activate thru our phones.
Another way we could use them would be to open and close doors with a linear actuator after they are unlocked with the wyze lock, that way even from another country we could close and lock a door we left open.
We could use linear actuators on the windows, to work with the wyze thermostat, so if the weather is nice, and its hot outside, we could open a window, or if you’re away from home, left the windows open at your house, they would automatically close if its going to rain.

I plug the Digital Loggers AC Control Relay (see,
digital-loggers.com/ac.html ) into the Wyze Plug so I can remotely control the normally open and normally closed switches of the Relay by turning the Wyze Plug on or off.

It would be more compact and convenient if Wyze either added NO and NC relay contacts to the Wyze Plug, or created a separate AC powered, remote controlled Wyze Relay product.

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Simpler yet, a non-smart 120v WYZE Plug accessory (WYZE Relay) that PLUGS INTO a WYZE Plug and exposes one or two Form C 5A relay contacts (C,NC,NO) x 2. Actually, this might already exist, but I haven’t found one. Anyone else found one?

I think it would be pretty sweet to have a general purpose IO Wyze product. Possibly with a similar form factor (or smaller) to the sprinkler product.

Would be great for DIY smart home stuff:

  • Logging Wind / Weather Sensors
  • Converting a typical home security setup to Wyze
  • Logging sump pit water level / alarm (Big one for me)
    I’m sure there’s more…

Yes, I found a 120 volt relay on Amazon.com. Digital Loggers Inc. AC Power Control Relay for $12.95. It has both normally open and normally closed contacts that are fully isolated from the 120V line voltage.

I plug the relay into the Wyze Plug, and then I can easily control the relay remotely by turning the Wyze Plug on or off.

Please make a Wyze relay. 110v so we can operate anything customized. Maby a 5-15v option too

1 Year later and we are no closer

Ok techie guys & gals. My house was built in the 50’s The house is wired using low voltage switches (3A 25 W)
Switch activates a 110 V relay and bam you’ve got light. Switches and relay by GE

My thought is replace low voltage switches w/a 3 A smart switch and tell Alexa to “turn on the Lights”

Shoot holes in this PLEASE…ideas, shortfall, product suggestions…let’s face it WIZE is in business to make money so they can provide us with kick ass product’s for a great price…and a switch like this, with a narrow prospect list just not going to cut it.

PS…just got my v3 outdoor cam…kicks some serious butt…

you should look into the shelly 1. It is much more flexible. Here I am using one to control my fire place. I also have them on multiple lights in my house and my garage door. They are a pretty good price. My favorite thing about them is after I have them installed my wife doesn’t even know they are there.

Thanks for this info. I’ll check them out.

Steven Draksler