Wyze relay switch (not a smart plug)

SONOFF has a single switch also and is about $5. I’m going to try the sonoff one with IFTTT and Wyze, but it would definitely be nice if Wyze would make a similar device. Also, the sonoff one is only 10 amp. It would definitely be better to be at least 15 amps. 20 would be better.


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Yeah I have a Sonoff but there are issues unless you want to take it apart and heavily physically mod it. I also found the Shelly 1 and Shelly 2.5 which are amazing but there are some small issues with them as well. Mainly with the Shelly 1 using mains voltage for the switch which means you need a switch that can handle the high voltage. This works for things like light switches but fails on anything else really. Mainly I want a cohesive experience in the app and Wyze has impressed me with their hardware so far. So even though there are existing solutions, I want to see them do it.

@archanegel I have found these
SHELLY 1 One Smart Relay Switch Wireless WiFi Home Automation iOS Android Application (2 Pack) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G33LNDY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_QNwdDb28WYQ43
and they work great. I also plan on buying some of their Shelly 2.5 I am still hoping that Wyze will build something better

That’s not a bad piece of hardware. like you, I am hoping Wyze will build something better. I currently have smart bulbs, but I may replace them with Wyze…

The USB port is used by the Sense pack for input signals. It would be great if a small relay / switch could be activated via the camera. I imagine a button in the app could send an on/off or momentary signal. This wouldn’t need to handle mains power - just a couple of terminals to switch low-voltage DC.

My use case: I use my cameras to monitor pets at home. The two-way audio is great for interacting with them verbally, but I would like to be able to trigger a device to dispense treats, activate a laser-pointer toy, etc. This can be done with a combination of smart plugs and theWyze cams, it would be nice to be able to do it in the one app.

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It would be great if you had a simple IO device that could close a relay on a notification as well as on a button press in the app. This will allow all kinds of external devices to be easily added to the system.

For example, you could attach a loud attic siren that can be triggered with the relay when a door sensor is open

You could easily attach the relay to your existing garage door button. Then when you trigger the relay from the app, It effectively presses the button, opening and closing the garage door.

Of course an adjustable trigger time would be good. For most application you shouldn’t need the contact to stay closed more than a second. In fact milliseconds would work for most. So it shouldnt use much battery as long as the relay is only briefly closed then opened.

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Problem is how well do you spec it?
AC only or AC & DC
Current rating for AC & DC?
For something to be 10A AC it’s only about 2A DC
If you start getting to 20A+ AC then the size increases substantially, 10A DC even more so

The specs of the Shelly 1 seem pretty solid at 16A AC which is generally higher then most circuits in a US home at 15A. Shelly 1 is so small that it fits behind my wall switch in a single gang box. I personally don’t think the engineering is a problem for Wyze they have shown to be able to make high quality, low cost, physically compact products that people like. It really comes down to a question of demand. Most people don’t think in terms of controlling devices with relays. Heck, I bet 99% of the people don’t know what a relay is. Once you have to use a screw driver and mess with a wire. The product is limited to serious DIYers and there few of those. Wyze goes after market share and sadly even though I really want them to do it I don’t think they will any time soon.

16A AC is fine for the majority of applications
My main concern is the lack of tech specs

If you use this relay as a comparison
If you wanted to switch DC eg solar battery bank then that 16A turns to 300mA

Also depending on load type, voltage, frequency, etc the rating can be reduced

To me the Shelly 1 is marketed as only a 110/240V AC resistive load switch
As soon as you start switching DC or inductive loads I think it will fail quite quickly

I’ve had a few remotely switchable plugs fail where the contacts either weld closed or start generating excessive heat and that’s just because of using them for devices that have built in AC motors (inductive load), you can also see that rating in the spec above, 4000VA but only 550W inductive

AC1 - Non-inductive or slightly inductive loads, example: resistive furnaces, heaters
AC15 - Control of A.C. electromagnetic loads
DC1 - Non Inductive or slightly inductive loads, resistance furnaces, heaters

Yeah and my point is Wyze will only ever go after the majority of applications if they even make anything. If you are expecting more for Wyze I think you are barking up the wrong tree. Not saying it wouldn’t be nice just saying I don’t think the demand is their for Wyze to put resources into it.

a contactor can increase the current/voltage capacity of a smart plug ( see photo of example )

a relay with 120 VAC coil can provide multiple NC , NO , DPDT , etc. connections

just add this to a device with a puny relay.

in order to control garage door openers.

Looking for a low voltage switch. Want to automate my garage door. I have an old doorbell switch connected to my garage door now so I can close the door by just reaching in pushing the button, activates the door to close. I want that to be a smart switch and now I have a smart garage door. Wyze have any plans for such a switch?

Exactly what I’m looking for to close/open my garage door.

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I think a relay device would be great also!

But I did have the idea of cracking a camera open and using the IR light power to trigger a relay. It would be a little clunky because you have to cycle through on/off/auto each time but depending what you want to do it could work.

Or,… better yet crack open a PTZ and paired with a latching relay you could get 2 channels from the Pan and Tilt.

how about detecting wyze blue power light to turn relay on and off,. a photocell and 74c14 hex inverter IC would do the trick. ( this might be problem if status light is invoked for debugging purposes )

also use microphone as input. use cheap piezo buzzer driven by cheap oscillator. a 74c14 hex inverter IC would act as input conditioner , oscillator , speaker driver. this could be handy way to connect an “intruder trip wire” to the camera.

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Yes they already have the technology with the Wyze power socket
Just need to have a slim line closed box with same workings inside etc with protected power in and power out terminals able to screw Relay to a wall etc and be controlled by wyze motion sensor/ magnetic contact.
I would use it to start my DHW recirc pump when someone is close to the bathrooms with ability to switch off after 10mins if no further detection is recorded (old house and long way to boiler lol) saves heat loss and the planet lol

Hay Brian4…thanks for the info, but found Meross…they make a garage door switch. Retro fit to most doors. Works well…won’t say great (a little touchy with Alexa) But works pretty well.

Would love to have an output relay I could control.

I also would like a controllable output relay. Just a dry contact that would have a common and normally open and normally closed terminals would take care of most of my applications. If I needed to pass higher voltage I could have the Wyze output activate another relay that could handle the load.