Wyze relay switch (not a smart plug)

A small device similar to the Wyze sensor but this one would be used for controlling anything. It would just be a simple relay that could be trigger in the app, in a shortcut, ifttt or through an event. It would have 3 different modes. On, off and a quick definable on off. By doing this you could control almost anything you want. Examples that come to mind are a garage door. A lamp. A fireplace. You could even replace light switches if you wanted although the physical switch would be removed unless the relay device also had a physical button on it as well that could be configured.

No not a power plug specifically. I want a simple relay. Where you would have 3 screw terminals common, NO, NC. Not everything I want to control is 110v and a standard plug.

Here is an example of something I built myself in a few hours costing about $40 in parts. With a smart plug I can not do that. Wyze could do it for cheaper and be cleaner. I also have a video of my garage door opener on the same channel that is similar in that you need just a relay not a plug.

So, a simplified version of this?

Yeah basically. I wouldn’t want them in a gang of 4 though. Single relays would be better. At most 2. I actually have a sonoff single relay I am not pleased with their interface or their size. Also being able trigger stuff based on other Wyze products would be nice. I do understand there are ways of accomplishing this. I can pretty much do whatever I want with particle devices but I want a polished solution that Wyze can provide.

It would be great to have a sensor that could be wired to external relay contacts. A thermostat for high or low temp notification. A float switch for flood notification. It would allow users to customize the input they want to monitor.

Most alarm systems use open/close contacts. Would be nice if the Wyze contact and motion sensors could some how also trigger a switch to open for the home alarm to be triggered.

SONOFF has a single switch also and is about $5. I’m going to try the sonoff one with IFTTT and Wyze, but it would definitely be nice if Wyze would make a similar device. Also, the sonoff one is only 10 amp. It would definitely be better to be at least 15 amps. 20 would be better.


Yeah I have a Sonoff but there are issues unless you want to take it apart and heavily physically mod it. I also found the Shelly 1 and Shelly 2.5 which are amazing but there are some small issues with them as well. Mainly with the Shelly 1 using mains voltage for the switch which means you need a switch that can handle the high voltage. This works for things like light switches but fails on anything else really. Mainly I want a cohesive experience in the app and Wyze has impressed me with their hardware so far. So even though there are existing solutions, I want to see them do it.