Wyze products at Home Depot

Check your local home depot now too. The one here has V2’s on shelf and the one about 60 miles away has the pans on the shelf. Something new I guess. They also come with the 32gb card. For pretty much plus or minus tax and some variance in shipping costs. 34 bucks for a v2 outright is pretty much on par plus shipping for it off their site.

Home Depot in DFW [Arlington] has 45 indoor cameras listed on hand. Web site showing $34.98 with 32Gb No pans yet.


I found the v2’s for 29.99 with SD in OH!

Plenty of Wyze Cams v2 with and without the Wyze 32GB SD card and Pan Cams available at HD in the Houston area. This is good news for people who don’t want to wait on shipping and the prices are pretty much the same what you would pay online from Wyze with shipping.

Does anyone know in the Wyze SD card as ‘high endurance’ specifically for video recording or are they just cheap SD cards with private label?

They are not high endurance cards. However, they are warranted by Wyze for a year unlike most SD card manufacturers on their non-high endurance offerings. :slight_smile:

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