Wyze product updates - 02-17-2020

Wow, thank you for this awesome update. I have to say you guys are really kicking butt (don’t wanna curse and get banned lol) and it’s amazing to see how quickly you guys have turned Wyze into a tech powerhouse from a startup.

The crappy part is that my 2 favorite things, the outdoor camera and the person detection are still some time away from getting released but I can’t complain.

The only question I have is whether the person detection that you guys will be releasing will be better than the one from xnor.ai? I would get so many false people detections (usually pets).


No need to flash anything to load Google PLay store to run on my HD 10" tablet, just load 4 apk files. It’s a piece of cake takes about 10 min to do it. Now the zillions of apps in the Google store are available.



You can , I installed Google Play store and the wyze app on 2 Amazon fire tablets


Just take a regular camera place on your front door and provide some covering for the weather and when somebody comes to your door you will get a notification plus a video clip all for $20. I have been using it like this for over 2 years in Florida weather under a roof eave.


Question. Is that one of the webcams that got hacked? If you get a non name brand, you may be in for problems. Checkout the CNBC report on a website which has hacked Livestream from unsuspecting people.

Have not seen Wyze camera there. 2 factor authentication rules.


Thanks for your patience, everyone!

I’m about to do a fairly lengthy response where I try to field anything that didn’t seem otherwise covered. :slight_smile:

@jls4wheeler, thanks for your support! I’ll answer the questions I can answer but some of them aren’t being talked about publicly yet. We keep cards fairly close to the chest until we’re about to launch products. :slight_smile:

  1. Will the Outdoor Cam have person detection?

It will! Though if the outdoor camera launches first, it won’t have person detection right at the beginning. :slight_smile:

  1. If you choose to plug in the Outdoor Cam can it record to a Micro SD card?

Yes, you can use microSD cards with the outdoor cameras.

  1. Will their be a Micro SD card slot in the Hub for the Outdoor Cameras to record to?

Not answering this yet.

  1. Will Wyze Cam v2s be able to connect to the Outdoor Cam’s Hub?

Not answering this yet.

  1. Now that I know the Video Doorbell will be wired… Are you guys working on a Battery Powered Video Doorbell or planning on working on one in the future?

This is something we are currently looking into.

  1. What is the picture resolution on the Video Doorbell cam?

Not answering this yet.

  1. What is the picture resolution on the Outdoor Cam?

Not answering this yet.

The smart band has a screen. It wouldn’t be great for streaming video but you can use Shortcuts and Alexa for doing tasks like turning on or off your light bulbs. Additionally, it has some activity metric stuff and will tell you the date and weather. I personally think it’s pretty snazzy.

@Kev42786, we’re happy that you’re interested in the products! We aren’t going to show photos of them yet. That tends to happen closer to launch (like with providing specs and features).

@SeriouslyNotADragon, Frederik already covered the issues with the smart band. But for the doorbell, we are looking into a wireless one! It just won’t be a hybrid with the wired version.

@handycomputerman, have you checked out this page? :wink:

Become a Beta Tester

@njones88, I’m interested in learning more about the Heart Rate Variability metric! I’m not sure if that’s something we can/would add but it sounds cool. :slight_smile:

@L4nyc, we’re making progress on the thermostat but don’t have public timelines yet. I don’t know if it will have a remote temperature sensor but that would be sweet!

@raffiearabian, I’m not sure when the work will be completed but we are making progress on the changes that could lead to viewing Wyze Cams through the Google Home app instead of only on Google Assistant enabled devices like Chromecasts.

@alatony, we are looking into security systems but aren’t making promises or giving details yet.

@Psinergy, we do have an RTSP version but it would need flashed. RTSP is a bit too large to fit on the cameras with all of the other features and that’s why it was made a separate firmware branch. We’re staying open to opportunities for that in the future, though. :slight_smile:

@Shannondm1, we would need to have a separate FireOS version of the Wyze app to have it natively on Fire tablets and we aren’t going that direction at this point. But we are working on our version of person detection and will have it ready for you as soon as we can.

@duncancheg, the scale launch in March would be for EA and not the full launch.

@ThaDentist, sorry for the disappointment with the delays for the outdoor camera and person detection! We ARE aiming for our version of person detection to be improved from the XNOR version. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on it later. :slight_smile:

WHEW! Thanks, everyone! :smiley:


Thank you so much for answering as many questions as you could!!

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I’d also love to see the hard drive dock/network recording come back on the roadmap. I’ve got a number of cameras and a large NAS on my network, it would definitely make my life easier.


Great reply, thank you very much @WyzeGwendolyn! This great customer support is one of the many reasons I love Wyze and recommend it to everyone I know.


I also have done it on two tablets… Then on the third tablet it made it so Netflix would not work with it also voiding my warranty… Point is I should not have to do that to have it work with The most popular tablet and almost sister product…I get that it is a band with thing that I know nothing of…

Since the wait for the outdoor cam has gone on this long, it should not be released until person detection is ready.

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I would love to get the Wyze Band. Hope it has vibrating alarms and the ability to set several alarms (medication reminders, different wake up times). Most fitness/activity bands have a maximum of 3 alarms, which is too little for me.


I know on my Fitbit I currently have 4 alarms set every day and I can do more, so I agree there is a need for multiple alarms


myself just sideload the wyze app onto my amazon fire7 tablet. also sideload the ring app (although get error about needing google play services which you can ignore). previously was able to install google play etc on my fire7 but, after wiping clean my fire7, cannot anymore. should be easy but kept fai!ing and got tired of trying, and so instead sideload/update really only a few apps from apkmirror. but yeah agree really need the wyze app etc in the amazon appstore – particularly if wyze products are sold on amazon.


How about a wall switch,is there any talk about one.


Here’s the #wishlist topic for that:

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Please read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap.


Are we going to see some kind of HomeKit support for these products? RTSP is lackluster when adding through HomeBridge. Adding support for HomeKit will help bring affordability to the HK platform.


I know you answered a lot of questions. Thank you. Can you say if Wyze has or hasn’t developed a way for us to view more than 4 cams per page? With outdoor it’s pretty important. Thanks, the updates were excellent btw. Transparency is something a lot of companies and others could learn from you. :blush:



The two are completely separate. Selling on Amazon doesn’t tie them any closer to Fire devices. Now if it was sold under the Amazon name I see your point. But currently it’s like any product sold on Amazon. I’m sure if they get enough call for it they’ll look into. But they already have a backlog of projects.


Echo Show 5 (Sandstone) with Wyze 1080p indoor Smart Home Camera https://amazon.com/dp/B07Z4GMR2M/

not fire tv or fire tablets. but seems like there may be at least an alexa skill to show wyze video on echo show? haha will have to budget an echo show. or get this bundle which is actually bundled together by amazon (and not by a third party marketplace seller).

oh well currently no matter about wyze app on amazon appstore. but it would be really really really nice if the wyze app was in the amazon appstore. until then, at least sideloading works.

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