Wyze product updates - 02-17-2020

Every manufacturer of remote wireless cameras is dealing with the same issue. The power budget of current Wifi technology is so much higher than zigbee or other micro-power technologies. Blink has the same ‘hub’ idea for exactly this same reason. Power consumnption is the achilles heel of the wireless “IoT” world.

That said, tons of progress is being made on low power ‘real’ native Wifi, The most promising coming from the School of Engineering at the University of California in San Diego which they discussed in papers at the ISSCC 2020 conference (led by Dinesh Bharadia and based on the same kind of work he did as a student at Stanford).

Maybe we see it in Cam 2022?


Yea I still have issues streaming any of My Cams

Can I ask you a few questions?

Did you perform a wifi signal test near where your camera(s) are placed?

Did you try resetting your router settings to factory? (Maybe you setup some restrictions or changed some filtering settings in there).

Did you update the cameras to the latest firm ware?

Did you try to pair them in place where you mounted them?

What is the distance from the router to the camera(s)?

Any concrete walls separating the router from the camera(s)?

Do you have solid metal beams or lead siding on your house? (So Super Man can’t pick through your walls?) Sorry…That last one was a joke!

Please give it a try. I am IT and that is what I did when I first got my Wyze Cams and had some issues.

Pleas answer these questions and maybe the community can bounce some more ideas and help you.

Smooth Loki, there are many of us that will appreciate that

Loki brought up a point that caused me to wonder. Wyze is a fairly young company and router tech has not changed much since they were established.

But… informal survey here, 219 users questioned, 125 responses. (My neighbors and fellow condo residents).

Vast majority of the respondents were either AT&T Uverse users or Spectrum Cable. Of those the vast majority are using the vendor supplied hardware.

AT&T hardware is mostly either 2009, or 2011 vintage. Spectrum users are much more varied using hardware as old as 2005, to the newest which is 2014 vintage. The majority on older hardware.

I suspect this holds true pretty much nationwide. So while router tech has not changed much since Wyze was founded. Most folks are using outdated tech that was out of date when Wyze started.

We did the survey 3 months ago because Google is twisting the HOA’s arm to compel owners to allow them to prewire every unit with their fiber.

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I suppose they could have run a market analysis to identify the base group and what hardware they are already using, I would be interested to know the age breakdown of Wyze customers… me thinks it’s probably 40 and up


I dont have any issues seeing My cameras in the wyze app just on the google home hub & they use to work fine till wyze said the finished the integration now none of them stream on it

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El camino I have the same experience and are going to buy an Alexa because they say it does work with alexa.

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I cant say I blame You My Daughter has Alexa Me it’s Google but I know she has a Few problems too not often though

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WYZE and Google are both working on this, hopefully something will get figured out

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camera sys it works with Alexa so we will see. Alexa arrives tomorrow so I will know soon when I say “Alexa show yard camera” and it will show it or say I can’t work with this camera.

Just change to Alexa its easier and faster. Otherwise you may have to wait forever.

Recommend the Echo Dot, full featured and does integrate with Wyze

If past performance is indicative of future problem solving then I have some florida real estate for you

Both Amazon and Google video display devices share the same buffering problem. My iPhone and iPad do it flawlessly

The iPhone and iPad (or Android phone and tablet) can run the Wyze app directly for streaming. The Google and Alexa (Amazon) connectivity is achieved via a linked set of calls. A “skill” in Alexa terms. This adds a layer or two between the camera and display device.

Most days my Alexa Show is 3-5 seconds delayed compared to my phone or tablet. Some (very few) days it’s much worse or won’t connect. Since I don’t allow anything on my network to talk to Google I can’t honestly compare the two but I believe their performance is roughly similar.

With the RTSP software and using VLC software for displaying the video there is only a 0 to 1 second delay.

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Echo Dot wont show video though

Perhaps I mis-read your post… Of course you are right. The ‘show’ series and the ‘spot’ all are capable of displaying video albeit at the same time Presenting certain caveats.

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Good information thanks for sharing

I was going to ask the same. Currently, i have few dumb water leak sensors and looking to replace them with connected ones. @WYZE, please make sure they support ZigBee in addition to WiFi.

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