Wyze product referral program

gamification: How can we play the game at Wyze? I think I am responsible for over 100 units of sales, I tell all my friends, and in turn they tell all their friends… is there a way we can link this data? Wouldn’t be cool to track how the word is spreading? Not looking for discounts, but a cool way to know. Recommend a friend and get a star. We all love to know how we impact the world.

I heard about Wyze from someone at work. I bought cams. I told two others at work. they both now have cams. Wyze need not send me a dime. This is how a marketplace is supposed to work. Good product - word gets around - lots of people buy it. The makers prosper. Bad product - word gets around - lots of people avoid it. The makers go out of business. Thanks Wyze. You’ve done a great job making some great products.


Like it! You’ve got my vote.


this would be a cool forum badge.

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Yes, that would be fun to see the word of mouth in action. Voted! :slightly_smiling_face:

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This would be cool!

I refer friends to Wyze all the time would love to get some credit or help them out with their first purchase. Would even be okay if it provides me a discount on the services rather than hardware.

Yes! This is SO needed, At least just for the badge. But I would not be opposed to a future discount…