Wyze Product/Feature Recommendations

For the upcoming Wyze Bulb I think you should make a feature, if you haven’t already, where if there is motion detection on the camera or contact sensors, the light turns on/off. This would work especially great for burglary prevention. Let’s say there is motion detected at the Front Door the living room light would turn on, making the person think someone saw them or there is someone in the house, which would hopefully scare them out of the house.


I also really hope you come out with a Doorbell and/or home door/window alarm.

Even more simple than trying to design a bulb, you could simply design a plug module for a standard wall socket that would turn the light on when a sensor alert was triggered. That would be lots cheaper and could control a wide variety of other electrical appliances within range of your Wi-Fi to provide additional security support for an illegal entry


I agree, it would be way more efficient to do it that way!

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Do most of your lights plug into a wall socket?
Most of my lights are in overhead fixtures, fans, recessed lighting etc. A few years ago I had an addition put on a house. The architect pushed for integrated LED. I went with recessed A19 style. There were about 20 or 30 fixtures
Originally we put in cheap incandescents, maybe $1 a bulb. A19 LED’s were about $8/bulb at the time. They’ve all been replaced by LEDs at about $1 each. Some cool white, some warm white. I can easily foresee replacing some of these w/ Wyze smart bulbs.

I’m glad they went for the bulb.

Please Make Wyze swag!! I really would love to buy and wear some of your swag to showcase one of my favorite brands!

Automatic WiFi reconnecting when signal is lost

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This makes sense and has been discussed a few times. I’d leave it to @WyzeMike to confirm readiness by launch :slight_smile: