Wyze Pro Lights White Color Issues

I like my new Wyze Pro Lights. I have them up on bookshelves in the living room, but the colors of white seem off. When I go to a warm setting it’s more green than yellow. I thought it might be the way it’s reflecting off of my wall paint, but a white hue only light bulb in the living room look right.

Has anyone else seen this?

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Welcome to the forums! These are RGB strips, not rgbw strips, so to get the white color, all colored LEDs need to be on. They do not have a dedicated additional white led for “white”. The tinting and not true white could be related to that.


I understand. When the product description says, “RGB and tunable white” that to me means RGBW. But that was my assumption and I didn’t do any research.

They work great, just not warm whites.