Portable battery backup with solar panel connectivity.

As the world changes, we must adapt and with more and more natural disasters happening sometimes entire cities go without power.

Create a large capacity battery. One that can keep a fridge or a small heater running for 2-3 hours. enough to stay warm and to be able to recharge the next day via the sun.

Chain batteries and solar panels for higher charge rates and larger capacities, in turn, more watts.

I am not talking phone chargers or cheap solar power banks. This is something to take camping and play video games in the forest, ha! Or getting your suburban home less reliant on the grid and can save money on energy…especially as cost increase.

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I don’t want the standard solar panel. I want one with the battery built into it. So no matter what I want to plug into it is good to go. Pan and scan in the shed? No problem. Want a camera pointed at the house? Go ahead.

Would love to see Wyze develop some sort of power bank/battery along with a solar panel that could keep the V2 and V3 going day and night with no need for an outlet.

Now that we a Solar panel for Outdoor Cams, why not a solar panel for V3 cams
except V3 solar panel would have the rechargeable, and replaceable battery inside since V3 cams don’t have batteries
V3 is the best Cam Wyze make let make it even better