Wyze pool automation system for pumps, lights, chlorinator, heater, etc

Pool automation systems cost 1000’s of dollars and are end users are often prohibited from buying the equipment; however, the computing power involved in controlling a pump, a couple valves, a salt water generator, lights, heater, etc. could probably all be done with something as basic as a rasberry pi. I’m confident you could create a better, cheaper, more awesome option.

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The existing systems are crazy expensive and not that impressive

After opening my pool and getting everything dialed in this year I would consider it. Would be really nice to have something that I could set pump schedules and monitor things like pressure and flow rates.

However, one hang-up I can envision would be making it user friendly enough as far as installing it. Could be more plug and play with an aboveground pool but for in-ground I think there would be plumbing and electrical work needed. I would do it myself, but I could imagine a pool company raking you over the coals to install something they didn’t sell you.

Just my 2 cents, but definitely a good idea.

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