Wyze Plugs Not Reconnecting to WiFi After Power Loss

I have two early access Wyze plugs and a Wyze Cam Pan. Since installing these I have had numerous power outages (life in the Northeast) and each time my Cam reconnects to WiFi with no problem but neither of my plugs do. They remain in an “unconnected” or “server unresponsive” state and are useless until I manually reconnect to them. I am often away so this is not possible. Is there a fix to this or is this normal and “life with Wyze”. Note that I also have a few Amazon plugs, Kasa plugs, August locks, and Blink cameras, all of which automatically reconnect after power outages. Thanks in advance.


Following up on this as well. If my router loses power and comes back on, the plugs do not automatically reconnect to the wifi. I have to physically pull them out of the socket and plug them back in to get them back online again. Using the button on the side doesnt help either.
Please fix!

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Have you contacted support about this?

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I, too, have problems with Wyze Plug losing WIFI connection.
I have three plugs and three cameras.
Yesterday I had to reboot my wifi router (I assume this is when I lost plug connection).
When I tried to use the plugs (all three) there was no wifi connection… blue lights blinking.
I tried unpluging and repluging them with no connection success.
I rebooted router with no connection success.
Cameras and plugs from other manufacturers remained connected.
The only way I could get them to reconnect was to remove them from the app, do a factory reset, then reinstall from scratch.
It is not only a pain to reinstall all of them but they are tied to alexa routines and all of those routines had to be redone.
This is not acceptable and I hope something can be done to correct this issue.
It has happened more than once.
I have five more Wyze plugs that I am reluctant to install because of this issue.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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I submitted a work order and got a timely reply. Had to download a diagnostic program and give WYZE the results. It seems the WiFi connection was poor preventing automatic reconnect… modem checks deemed it faulty. New modem on order.
Extremely pleased with WYZE support!

Same Issue…

I have 2 wyze plugs, in the garage ceiling outlets, internet went out, for 3 hours & the plugs never reconnected - I can see they have an active wifi connection with no data transferred (ubiquity WiFi dashboard), and the wyze app shows them as offline.
Plugs work as I used a stick to turn them on and off manually.

I had to unplug the devices (16 hours later) and re-plug them before they came online again - shouldn’t they come online again after internet service is restored?

Seems silly, my wemo’s all came back online

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Years old issue. Not a hard fix. But sooo annoying as consumer. Wyze dev team…please provide firmware update to plugs to retry wifi sync for at least 5 minutes or 600seconds before timing out. I see from sniffing traffic it sends one, only one request, then just blinks and no other signals. Please fix it or these are all going back. Thanks