Wyze plugs KEEP going offline, with only fix being pulling it and replugging it in

Have you updated to the newest firmware? Have not had any issues since.

I am also wondering about what Rareapple3 posted if you have the latest firm ware, And are these wifi plugs the 2021 plugs? Mine have been working for over a month with the latest firm ware with out any problems. Still keeping my fingers crossed, Its no fun to unplug and reprogram 2 of them I have in area’s not easy to get to. Good luck.

I’ve updated the firmware every time it gets an update. It hasn’t improved.

I guess the only thing I can suggest is (and I’m sure you probably already have done this ) contact Wyze tech support. I interchanged mine and could see no change until this last beta firm ware up date And as mentioned earlier they have stayed on line for over a month and 2 of them only show 1 bar wifi signal. Hope you find your problem.

Now in the forth week of operation since the 12.0.206 firmware update. A new record, and it seems like this just might be the fix. Frustrating that it took this long.

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Thanks for checking in and letting us know it is still working. I do apologize that it took so long, but I am glad it is now working.

I had to unplug/replug two of my three yesterday, when they finally went offline. I know they made it over a month this time (so that is good)! They came back online quickly after the replug. I wish they would look at the outdoor plug too, it usually goes offline after about a month and requires the unplug/replug too. I would hate to be on vacation and needed to reboot something and the plug showed offline!

So far, knock on wood, mine are still working. Running firmware version They’ve been solid now for over a month.

This is the first time here so forgive any mistakes. I have a question, just where are the Wyze Plug schedules stored, in the plug, in the Wyze cloud? I think this info could be helpful troubleshooting issues. Thanks for any help.

The answer is yes, well sort of. With the new plugs there is an option to store a local schedule on the plugs directly which, in theory, continues to operate if you lose your internet connection. Scheduled rules are stored and executed from the cloud.

It’s been about 3 weeks since the last disconnect…Looks like it might be fixed.

Does the plug’s local schedule still work after a power failure even when the internet connection does not recover?

I suspect that after a power failure the plugs may rely on a cloud connection to recover the local schedule and determine the current time.

I haven’t used the local schedule because I only have four of the newer plugs. In theory, the schedule is stored in non-volatile memory on the plug so they should work anyway.

That could muddle things but not sure.