Wyze plugs KEEP going offline, with only fix being pulling it and replugging it in

I am in this boat rowing right next to you Mike21. For awhile I was thinking YES they fixed it on the back end. Then my hopes were crushed by WYZE yet again. It has now been well over 3-months. At least there has only been one or maybe two people that have reported issues with the current BETA firmware. Unlike the .176 firmware where the BETA thread was blowing up with complaints well before WYZE turned it into an official release. This was yet another mistake and could have easily been prevented by WYZE actually using their BETA team as designed.

I have decided to put a personal freeze on all additional WYZE purchases until all 4 of my plugs remain online without becoming a blinker for at least 6-weeks.


I received an ad last night for the new Wyze sprinkler system via app notification. Annoying on multiple levels. I was really a Wyze fan early on. I think they have lost their way, and am just about to give up unless a fix is implemented for my broken plugs.

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Same here. The products are tempting and I’d love to pick up a few to create better rules, but I’m on hold for the moment. I’ve also passed on firmware upgrades on anything that I’m not sitting next to.
I’ve also seen some inconsistency in the cams connectivity. In the latest case, one camera recorded an event while the doorbell didn’t. And my non-Wyze cam which is further away than the doorbell also caught the event. I’d have to create rules to watch other rules, lol.

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I’ve got a blinker. Appears to have been offline about 2 days. It wouldnt reset. Had to uninstall/Reinstall v.179

Has anyone else noticed this for the last week or so? When you complete the wizard to re-add the 2021 plug to the app you are prompted with a the WYZE PLUG badge.

The last 3 times I have had to re-add a plug this happened. However, the badge still isn’t active within the app | Account | Badges.

Am I the only one being told I’ve earned the badge, but when checking it still isn’t there?

Haven’t tried that but I’ve noticed the app continually prompts me to add my cams to cam+ lite. Meanwhile, they’re all already on Cam+, lol.

I got the same message, but mine does show ( or maybe it shows from one of the other plugs or previous install)

Do you happen to have any v1 plugs? If so, that would explain why the badge shows for you.

I have 14 v1 plugs and 4 v2 plugs; no badge. The v2 plugs have stabilized…somewhat. If I reboot my router, the v1 plugs are all reconnected within 10 minutes but the v2 plugs are hit-or-miss. 2 of the 4 v2 plugs frequently will not reconnect without a reboot.

Hi Mike of my 8 plugs before I went to beta firm ware 4 constantly went off line and had to be deleted and then added back in which is real pain because there not easy to get to. now that all 8 are the beta firmware listed I have not had any problems for appx 10 days. May be I can leave town again.


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Kenny, good to know and hear. I’m going to give it some more time before I rely on them for remotes I can’t get to. I had one off for two weeks, power blinked off one day, it reset and lost connection after a day or so and was stuck on for 24/7 for two months. (sort of a project house 1500 miles away and my next and last thing is 60 days out due to materials).

Well I updated to the latest official app and firmware for our 2021 plugs. Let’s see if we can make it 6-weeks without a blinker. Ready, set, go!

Definitely want to get on 206

Been rock solid.

Let’s hope this is all behind us.

Hopefully this will fix the issue! My exterior plug has gone offline two times since it got a firmware update, so they may want to check for buffer overruns on it too. It may be that it has more memory than the 2021 indoor ones, so it takes longer to go offline. I am not installing the garage door opener until I know that the 2021 indoor plug issue is positively resolved. I want to plug the garage door gizmo into the indoor plug and be able to activate it in case of emergency only.

I just updated the 4 CFH model plugs in my stable last night to .206. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the blinkers/offline/annoying as h3** thing is indeed behind us!

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I’m going to get brave and try one on my remote location. It’ll be backed up with another light on a different brand along with a Wyze bulb, which has been reliable.
If it goes well, I’ll activate the three in my main location and update all the stuff I haven’t since I’ve been away.
We’ll see but I"m hopeful!

Wyze Plugs: I noticed that by using the internal schedules, instead of rules, to set on/off time, they go offline less often. I have also noticed that when they do go offline, there is a loss of signal noted on the event log of my router. At least in my case, it appears that they disconnect because of a weak signal or interference then cannot find the signal again to come back on. I do know that there are some Wi-Fi signal fluctuations in my home network, but the issues have not been enough of a problem to push me to upgrade.

I made it 13 days on the latest released of firmware without a problem. This morning I rose to find my coffee plug offline. All other devices are functioning on my network without a problem. So far, only 1 of 4 plugs has gone offline. I was able to power cycle the plug and it immediately came back online.

Sorry to here about your 1 plug problem. I have had mine on firm ware for 31 days and no problems. I basically use them to power cycle my camera’s if needed. before this last firm ware update I went out of town a few days and 4 plugs went offline. Glad they stayed in the on/off state they were in so the camera’s stayed on. So they are much better with this new firm ware. Hope yours keep working.

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