Wyze Plugs and IFTTT

Maybe I’m too early, but anybody have any luck with IFTTT and the Wyze plug? My plug isn’t listed in IFTTT (my cameras are). Thinking it just hasn’t been updated yet to add the plug to IFTTT, but figured I’d check.

They do have IFTTT set up for the plug with options of ‘turn plug on’ and ‘turn plug off’.

If it is not showing your plugs you might try resynching your account with IFTTT, I have had to do that sometimes to make it recognize new items.

I see my plugs. Screenshot_20190909-181549


I have not been able to find the Wyze Plug on IFTTT either.

ok i found it, but i had to create my own applet. i created one with the flic button, where when i press the flic button is turns on or off the wyze plug.