Wyze plug WPA2 / WEP

is there a WPA2 / WEP issue with wyze plug. I am running WPA2 on my wifi router and my wyze cam has no problem joining the network. Someplace during plug setup I recall seeing something about that, but i can no longer find it.

If you can provide some more details about the issue you are having with the plugs, we may be able to assist you with the troubleshooting. Here is the Wyze plug setup guide. Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

I presume there is, but I don’t see it explicitly called out either.

The cameras only allow WPA & WPA2, so that’s what I assume the Plugs will require also. Of those two security protocols, WPA2 is the better one.

WEP, even if it was allowed, would not be one you would want to use if you can do WPA or WPA2. It is easier to hack WEP networks. I personally think Wyze did everyone a favor by not allowing that protocol on the cams. Forced some people to get their networks off WEP. And if you have a cam, it is no longer an option to you.

@WyzeTanvi – I see 2.4 GHz networks are specified in the support documents. What about security protocols? I would envision specifications similar to those for the cams.

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cancel this post. i was mistaken. all is fine WPA2

Closed by request, @CaptainSpock. :slight_smile: