Wyze Plug won't factory reset

I have a few Wyze plugs and haven’t had any issues until I switched out the router. I went through the process of joining each one up and I have one that refuses to factory reset. I plug it in and the blue light blinks slowly because it can’t find the old wifi network. I hold down the button on the side for a long time (30+ seconds) and it never clicks and starts doing the fast blinking. (i.e. the factory reset) I tried googling but apparently no one else has had this issue. I left it unplugged a while and tried it again with no luck. Does anyone happen to know any options to try?

I tried to plug it in while holding the button down to see if that would do anything.

I haven’t had that issue, and as far as I know the button is the only way to interact with the plug if it’s offline. If you haven’t already you should submit a ticket to Wyze Support to make sure they’re aware of the issue. There may be a secret button combo, or it may need to be RMA’d.

Yeah, it’s 8/2019 so the year is past for the warranty. I might pop it open then and see if I can find anything stopping it from resetting. First one to die on me, and was working great until the wifi changed.

Any update on the fix? Mine just did the same thing. The exact thing happened, I changed my modem/router to a new provider and now the plug is dead. Just blinks blue, the switch is non-operational. I think I bought mine 10/2019

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