Wyze Plug with 90 degree connection (wall hugging)

I would like the plug outlet at 90 degrees to the wall connector. That keeps the depth of the wyze plug and the device plug at a minimum and can fit easier behind any furniture !

Perhaps something like the link below will work for you while Wyze considers this new product request:


I have an old smart plug (not Wyze brand) that’s behind a couch. This is what I use:


Both items serve a purpose, but it seems the growing trend is to make things that do NOT take up valuable horizontal space, by the time you plug the wyze power adapter into the wall and allowing a little space for the cord to plug in, you’ve lost nearly 6" of horizontal space. I think it would be nice if the company made flush or nearly flush fitting plugs the norm rather than customers having to purchase a 3rd party adapter which looks clunky anyway

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This is a sub $20 item. If you want a high-tech power solution, it might end up being more expensive than the camera.

What if it’s clunky? It’s behind the couch.

I use these https://www.amazon.com/Nekmit-Ultra-Charger-Smart-White/dp/B01JLXTQ1U/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=nekmit+dual+port+ultra+thin+flat+usb+wall+charger&qid=1570146052&sprefix=nekmit&sr=8-1

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I’m sorry to be a little bit late in my reply to your reply

But some of us don’t have large rooms and every bit of space we can conserve makes the living area more managable.

Many other companies offer devices that have side mounted plugs I just suggested that perhaps that would be a good idea

Why add another electrical device that can potentially at sometime fail?


I would like to see a plug with the standard single male-to-duplex, with dual female out the sides. I want this to be able to plug it in behind a couch and control two lamps on side tables either side of it without needing a power strip.

I second that request, as too many of our electrical devices require power supplies that stick out from the outlet and make it difficult to arrange furniture without making it look like it’s an island unto itself.

Wyze, you can do this And any further power supplies that you have produced should be at the right angle variety so that we can use wall hugger furniture with them