Wyze Plug Vacation Mode Details

Can anyone Tell me the on/off and time schedule that the Wyze Plug uses when put into Vacation mode?

@jkhilburger Here are the full details on the vacation mode time schedule from the support page. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wyze Plug Vacation Mode


Thank-you for posting the link.
That explains why it is reporting being on during the day.
It would be nice to have a option for nighttime only as a light during the day is useless inside the home.

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Under the Rules, You should be able to set a schedule to turn on the plug like 10 PM for example. Then create another schedule to turn the plug off at the daylight hour 6 AM for example. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another way is to use the timer just set it for the amount of hours you need and then it turns off. This works for short term uses.

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The problem I’m seeing is when I set a schedule of on at 7:30 pm and an off at 6:15 am doesn’t allow you to save but will return the error message start time needs to be earlier than end time, which is the case, but will not allow. Please advise.

If you will skip the Add End Time part and ignore this, it will work for you. Set one schedule for “on” and set another schedule for “off”. The Add End Time does not currently work by my experience using the schedules.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try!

Use 2 schedules. First turn on at 7:30pm and off at 11:59pm, second one turn on at 12:01am and off at 6:15am.

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Turning lights on during the day is of no use and wastes energy.
Vacation mode for night hours only is a needed feature for random turn on and off of lights.
sure You can set a on off time but that type of repeated behavior is a dead give way for someone watching the home.

I second the above comment.

Further, I have 4 plugs all used with lights spread across the house. I just set this up but I fear that they all come on and go off at the same time. Yes vacation mode is random but if in a group which is how I have them setup they seem to behave in concert with one another… an obvious give away.

It’s not your imagination. In a group it’s ‘one on, all on’. Pretty much defeats the convenience of grouping if you want any sort of random operation.

Given this knowledge it makes the Wyze plug’s functionality as a security light control a complex way to mimic the vacation “analog” plug in timers I have been using with ease for years.