Wyze Plug v2.0 or Wyze Plug with Nightlight and Motion Sense

Beefing up the current Wyze Plug or making a different version but with a Nightlight and Motion Sense functionality. I thought about asking for just a nightlight but why waste the tech and the outlet when you can have all three!

All the current features of the Wyze Plug but add Full Color choice Leds (Ideally 3 all floor facing at different angles to spread out light. This could either be controlled by Dusk to Dawn settings, and/or Motion Sense.
It would be ideal if all could be triggered in the event of Fire or CO alarms with corresponding colors RED for Fire maybe BLUE or GREEN for CO to illuminate pathways.

As fas as the motion sense it could trigger the nightlight or other events (Intruder, sleep walkers, etc)

I have a request in for getting rid of the gateway in locks and going straight WIFI but if that’s not an option it might be worth considering using Zigbee in the plugs to multiuse them as well rather than losing an outlet with the bridge.


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