Wyze Plug Shipping - What we've changed since the Bulb shipping issues

Hi everyone,

When we launched the Wyze Bulb in Early Access, we got many reports of delayed shipping, tracking that wouldn’t update, and some lost packages. This was insanely frustrating for all of you who backed the product as well as for all of us here at Wyze. You may have seen my previous replyto this on the forums or on Reddit. As Early Access is still in its infancy, it is still undergoing growing pains and we appreciate everyone who has provided feedback and ideas. Through experiences like this as well as our other plans in the pipeline, we hope to consistently improve Early Access as it grows.

Now as far as shipping, we took these issues very seriously and I am happy to report that the Early Access Wyze Plugs will NOT be shipping via UPS-MI! All plugs will be shipped out via USPS at the beginning of September. Because there will be no handoff between carriers, we are expecting much better tracking as well as improved shipping speed.

This is only the first part of our plan to provide better and more reliable shipping options on Wyze.com as a whole. We will continue to roll out big changes throughout the rest of the year.

Thanks for your support!


thank you for the update! this is much welcomed news and I’m sure MANY others will fee the exact same way. I look forward to a hassle free delivery in the near future.

whoo hoo new toys soon!!!:star_struck:


Let me know @WyzeAnthony if y’all have any questions or concerns, got my father to become a big Wyze fan now and he retired as Post Master of the USPS, he could help if you need any guidance.


@WyzeAnthony and @WyzeGwendolyn, since I have been very vocal about past poor shipping service by UPS Mail Innovations I now must sing the praises of Wyze and the USPS.

I placed an order in the afternoon of Thursday 8/1/20. The order was processed and shipped by USPS First Class Mail on Friday, 8/2/20. I received the order today, Monday, 8/5/20.

UPS Mail Innovations took from 10 to 14 days to get from one side of WA State to the other.

This is the service and shipping price that I expect and appreciate.

Thanks for listening. :+1::+1:


You’re welcome! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us over time. :slight_smile:


Wyze… you da real MVP!

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awesome, received shipping notice last Wed 8/14, received Sat 8/17, much better shipping times!!!

The Wyze plug is shipping out next week for early backers. Awesome! :star_struck: New Wyze toys on the way. Thanks Wyze Team!


I got that email too…im psyched!


Is there any way that I can order a v2 cam and the Wyze branded SD card to ship with my order of plugs before they go out? @WyzeGwendolyn do you know if this is possible?

I could be wrong, but I doubt seriously they will be able to add to the early access orders since they have already been placed. I will send your question over to Gwendolyn and she can confirm. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am doubtful as well… But I didn’t think it could hurt to ask :slight_smile:

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Are you near a Home Depot? Most now carry V2’s with Wyze SD cards in stock. Also Amazon prime two day.


V2’s from Home Depot have been having mic issues. I could order from Prime. Just figured if I could get it direct from Wyze I may as well.

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Hey @JennLynnC , Gwendolyn said they cannot add any orders to the early access purchase. :slightly_smiling_face: Doesn’t hurt to ask though. :+1:

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Thanks for checking and getting it figured out so fast, I will go ahead and order from Amazon Prime. I am looking forward to the plugs :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait to get my wyze plugs Yahoo thanks wise as always you guys are great

Got mine on Saturday the 7th, all hooked up without incident. Well Done!


@WyzeAnthony @WyzeGwendolyn , I was wondering if Wyze was going to stop using UPS Mail Innovations all together. I got my answer this week when I placed an order on Wednesday: NO! :pensive:

Based on the tracking info, it took 36 hours to get from Kent, WA to Fife, WA. A total of 13.5 miles! The original Pony Express was faster. And it looks like it has been sitting there since 2:30 am yesterday. UPS says it it scheduled for delivery on Tuesday, the 24th. (I’m not holding my breath.) And USPS doesn’t it even have the box yet, let alone a possible delivery date!

I am trying to be patient. But, this is looking like the early access Wyze Bulb shipping fiasco all over again. I understand that once it is in the hands of the carrier, you have no control. But, the shipping cost I paid is over 15% of the total order! I think at those prices, you can come up with a much more reliable shipping method.

I prefer buying direct from you. But, if this use of UPS Mail Innovations continues, it will influence my future purchase decisions.

Let me know if you want the order and/or tracking numbers.

@mvb yes that is the goal to get away from UPS MI, the e-commerce and supply team have been working really hard on this. We will have some big updates to the store very very soon which will be phase 1 and then phase 2 will follow really shortly thereafter. With these 2 updates the big focus is on a better online shopping experience (especially on EA and launch days) as well as continuing to improve the shipping experience. In the last few months, we have been testing a new warehouse on the East Coast as a pilot program (using FedEx) and so far the results have been very good. I am excited that because the results of the test were successful that we be fully rolling this out in the coming month or two to the West Coast as well (part of phase 2). What this essentially means is that we will have FedEx for the entire US which will be a huge upgrade. We will have to continue to use USPS (not UPS-MI) for certain packages if for example, it was for a single mounting kit etc.

I will have more updates in the coming week on phase 1 as we continue to make wyze.com a better shopping experience. And as always a huge thank you to everyone that supports us directly through our website!