Wyze plug question

I would have asked this question in the early access forum, but I still can’t gain access to it. I have 2 wyze plugs (actually 4 but other box still unopened) and the first one I powered up, connected quickly and easily. Fast forward a week and I tried to activate the second 1. In pairing mode, go to wifi settings, select wyze, and each and every time it tells me internet may not be available. Not sure how to connect it. Any ideas?

@Newshound has a great post with many Wyze Plug setup tips here:

You should get access to the #early-access forum to view that link shortly, but in the meantime here is the relevant info for the “no internet access” message:

Let us know if disabling mobile data or tapping the popup works.


Even after turning off data, I still received the same no internet access message, BUT, when backing out of it this time, it continued on with the set up process and completed the way the first plug did. Thank you for your time and information.


It seems like different versions of Android / phone models have slightly different behavior regarding networks with no internet. On my phone (Moto G4, Android 7.0) I had to tap the Yes button to stay connected, otherwise setup timed out. Others had to tap the back button.

Thanks for letting us know what worked for you!


Hmmm…good thought re android. I’m using a note 9 running 1UI.
Thank you again.