Wyze Plug: power cycle on loss of internet connection

Detect internet signal and if it doesn’t connect power cycle the device. This way a modem could be plugged into the device to reset a modem until the network is reset

I’m not sure this is something that could be done in firmware. If not, could be a long wait if Wyze decides to pursue this. In the mean time, such a product already exists (EZ Outlet): https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0792S1DGZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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Not sure how easy this would be but it would be a great to have a feature that reboots the plug. Like it turns it off and then 15-30 seconds later it turns back on. It would be great to run a modem and router off it the plug to reboot these two devices when the internet is working but being finicky.

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If I could plug a router or other similar “finicky” device into a Wyze plug and have the option to have the plug cut power for a specified period of time before restoring same it would facilitate the most basic remote maintenance of said device. Especially useful when said device is in a remote location, out of reach, etc.

(We can’t use the existing OFF and ON scripting in the case where turning the device OFF also disconnects the Wyze plug from the network, disabling any way to turn it back ON.)

I’m looking a smart plug that can be sent a REBOOT command and turn off the plug, but come back on after a defined time period.
Having logic built into the plug is important here as I would like to be able to reboot my modem or Wifi router, but if I do that, there is no Wifi to tell the plug to turn back on.
I’ve looked and looked and there doesn’t seem to be anything on the market that does this, that ISN’T Bluetooth.
Maybe Wyze could be the first?

@doubleg69, See my post above for an existing product that will do this while we wait for Wyze to eventually implement this.

I’m also looking for his feature.
Please Wyze allow for a power cycle feature.

Sometimes devices get upset and need a reboot, Have a button that takes power from the plug, waits 5 seconds then restores it. You could even reboot the router and cable modem from under the plug to reset it.

I have a router that has a memory leak and needs to be auto-rebooted once a day to be good. We’re talking an outage of less than 2 minutes when the reboot occurs.

I’ve noticed that the Wyze Plugs (I have 8) do not always reconnect. Usually 2-3 of the 8 will then be offline (blue LED blinking). Unplugging and plugging the Wyze Plug in solves it.

Why not implement a small item into the Plug Firmware that if the Wifi is lost for say, 15 minutes, the unit performs a SW reset or something since the reset seems to fix the problem. These aren’t high on-demand real-time devices. So simple reboot/resets that autorecover can go a long way.

This would be trivial in implement in firmware, I’m 100% positive someone at wyze could get it coded in three hours. Just a simple “power cycle” button that turns the switch off for ten seconds, then back on would be incredibly helpful. Yes, there are other devices that monitor internet and such, but these are really handy for power cycling things remotely, and manually. Being able to try to fix a wonky connection by remotely resetting a router would be amazing.

For example, I have several remote sites I am in charge of. If someone’s complaining about slow internet, being able to remotely power cycle the cable modem would be a HUGE help. Right now I could turn it off, but not back on remotely!