Wyze Plug in app Check- out not working

Tried twice now - at check out I hangs after payment ( I am using PayPal) .

I was finally able to get an order to go through on the website, though needed to refresh the page after receiving multiple 502 errors.

My experience through the app:
I tried from the beta app (iOS) both paying by credit card and paying via PayPal. I always received an error that the order failed to create. Looking on the website, I can see now that one of the mobile orders was created, but the payment didn’t go through – so it’s waiting on payment.

It’s been mentioned in several places around here that in-app purchases are disabled in the beta app.

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I’ve seen the same mentions though previously I did order the bulbs from the beta app, and it appears one of my plug orders from the beta app created with a pending payment.

The whole systems is running slow right now i was able to finish it off on a web browser using amazon pay

Well I was finally able to get a website order in. Couldn’t get Amazon pay to work.
WYZE …No PayPal as a payment option on the website ???

Not pleased that I had to use CC number …

Come on Wyze I expect better. Hope you put all products in Amazon. Much easier to purchase…

I agree with that , other than Amazon pay not working and no pay pal anymore , order went through easily