Wyze Plug goes offline alot

Your comment sounded like you were having difficulty re-connecting them after the fact. That is why I suggested what I did. You only use it in airplane mode for the setup, not for normal use. But do whatever you want. I was only trying to help. Maybe be clearer with your comments?

I said “plugs not staying connected … if the plug goes offline, it never turns off.”, not me connecting to them. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

I have 2 new plugs. Got one to work, the other won’t connect… But now discovered that the 1st one is Off line :frowning:

@granbjd22 Usually restarting the router will get them connected again. It’s worth a try and it has worked for me many times. :slightly_smiling_face:

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did that already … Got the most important plug back on line (which it never should have gone offline to begin with) the 2nd plug, Wyze is sending me a new one…

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I’m also having this same issue with Wyze plugs, especially the plug controlling my living room floor lamp. I’ll delete the plug from the Wyze app and then add it back in. Everything works after that only to see it appear as offline when I check it from work. I’ve rebooted my router and it helps for a while but this should not be something I have to do in order to get the Wyze plug to remain online. Last week I had my WIFI upgraded from 6 Mbps to 25 to accommodate the 16 WIFI devices I have online so the signal strength from my router shouldn’t be an issue. And the router is only 10 feet away from the Wyze plug. I just added my Wyze Pan Camera to the list after having it disconnected for months because I decided to go with a V2 camera in this particular spot in my living room. The Pan Camera is working really well, even from work. Quite happy. Hopefully the new Wyze Video Doorbell complements the whole setup.

These outlets simply do not work, i guess that is why they are so cheap,


Both my Wyze plugs will not stay online, And the process to setup and link to Alexa is time consuming and dodgey at best. Dont even go on about the cameras! Its a Wyze issue cuz I have plugs and switches from Wemo and TFLink and they are rock solid. Not gonna beat a dead horse, done with Wyze, sorry, not sorry.

I disagree on the cams. I’ve had a few online for a few years now without issue.

The outlets on the other hand are not good. It’s a bad design and the controller they use is unreliable.

My largest complaint is the fuse is on the neutral/return side. It’s not doing much safety wise being there.

TP-Link outlets are junk too though. They are not secure in my opinion.

Checkout Nooie or Gosund outlets. I have had nothing but good experience with them.

What did they say?

I bought a four pack of these interior plugs, but I have only started using two of them. One of them goes offline frequently. It is easy to tell it is offline, when you walk by it is blinking. If you are going to use these devices to reboot other devices they need to be more dependable. The firmware is up-to-date too.
The only way I can get it back when it goes offline is to delete and re-add it. I have the exterior plug, and it seems much more stable.

Mine go off frequently. It’s annoying when I’m home and can redo the whole setup procedure, but the reason I wanted them was to operate lights, a small heater, and such when I’m on the road. If they go offline, I have to wait til I’m home to set them up again. This makes them worse than useless if I am relying on them. The cameras go out also, but less often. I am very close to abandoning this “smart” effort, and relying instead on the neighbor boy to look after the house.

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