Wyze Plug Email Announcement


no mention of cost or quantity OR shipping time.
My bulbs took almost 6 weeks.
I’ve seen rumors of $10 - is this fixed?

The leaked Home Depot ad indicated price of $19.98 for a 2- pack.


This Reddit post has been out for awhile.

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I got the email but if it’s on reddit they must be going to announce it to everyone for pre orders, or someone spilled the beans that shouldn’t have

Looks like someone spilled the beans on Reddit.

@WyzeGwendolyn is this pre-order only for early access or the public?

This poor product has been leaked so many times. -face palm-

This is just the heads up that the product is coming. You’ll learn more on the Early Access launch day. Since these are pre-orders, there will be delays between when you order and when the product arrives. :slight_smile:


Everyone is just hungry for Wyze products. :slight_smile:


BTW, Got the swag! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was excited to be the 10,000 member of the Facebook group!


I THOUGHT you looked familiar! Glad the swag arrived safely! :smiley:


I can’t wait to see what product Home Depot leaks next! :rofl:


time to start using Lowes or Menards lol

I’m hoping the cost will be less than $10 each. Otherwise, just buy from HD and save the shipping costs. The cameras are only marked up $5. But it looks like the bulbs are $20 (each) at HD.

I never got an email :frowning:

According to the leak the plugs will be 20 bucks for 2.

If Home Depot is going to sell the bulbs at this price , 20 bucks a pop, they are not gonna sell very many


800 Lumens 60-Watt Equivalent Tunable White Dimmable Wi-Fi LED A19 Smart Light Bulb, Alexa and Google Assistant


In regard to the new Smart Switch being released for early purchase next week, can you please verify if it will be accessing the Wi-Fi router directly, or being accessed through one of the cameras?. The reason I ask this is that if it is accessed only through Communications buy a camera, then we cannot use it to do a Power reboot on a camera when it goes offline because there will be no camera Communications at that point

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@Usa1000 & @WyzeGwendolyn What Smart Switch? Did I miss something?
/edit - yup comment makes no sense since Loki moved the conversation

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Pretty sure they mean smart plug

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