Wyze Plug connectivity and trigger by camera motion

Discovered the only way to get the Wyze camera to turn on the Wyze plug when motion is detected is to have “notifications” on as well as “event recording” on. Otherwise, it doesn’t work. Also, the plugs don’t show online unless they are within 25 feet of the Netgear wi-fi router, making them useless in my 2400 sq. ft. home. Returning them all.

I have 3 plugs currently in use, the furthest is about 70 feet from the router and a floor up. I have not tried using them to come on with a cam detecting motion so I do not know if the way you are describing is normal or not.

This is not quite correct. Yes, motion event recording does need to be on. That makes sense since if the camera is not detecting motion events, then it would not be able to trigger the plug based on them.

However, Notifications for the camera do not need to be on for the rule to function. The plug action will be triggered on camera motion detected even if notifications for that camera are off.

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Doesn’t matter to me anymore. I returned the plugs. They would not work outside of 20-25 ft. from the router.