Wyze plug cat out of the bag

Two for $20 according to home Depot. Good price.
TP-link wants close to $40 for theirs with out a controller.

Do you need the Wyze sense module and cam for yours?

You may want to build a controller with out a cam. FYI

I could get my parents to buy them, but they will not want a Cam. Just a thought!

I know we can turn off the Cam, but that just means some can turn it back on in there minds.

Also, it should be used for range extending. =)

Thank you for your help and consideration

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Thanks @WyzeMike for providing that update.

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The idea of a smart switch with dual receptacle outlets is my hope. I already communicated this to Wyze a number of weeks ago but the decision is theirs.

The Kasa line of smart switches from TP-Link (https://www.kasasmart.com/us/products/smart-plugs ) has a wired-in receptacle, an outdoor plug and an indoor plug each with two receptacles that are WiFi controlled. They have good features for scheduling and manual control, but I heard that they return from a power outage in the “OFF” state.

When the plugs become available for Early Access, please include the specifications and operating parameters so we can determine the utility of these plugs. For example, will they have two (2) receptacle connections? Do they return from a power outage in the “OFF” state or in the state that is indicated by a pre-programmed schedule? Will the “Online” indicator LED be blocked if we add a plug tap to the smart plug to allow another connection?



So it will not need Wyze sense, but will benefit from the Wyze scenes sensors and Cam.


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Thanks for the info on the smart plug, Mike. Under “Electrical Input”, (1) it should read 60 Hz, not 60 GHz (that’s some serious oscillation!), and 2. is it really 100-120 VAC or is it 110-240 VAC so the plug can be used outside the USA where 240 VAC is common?


@wyzemike does this support energy monitoring? Assuming no native comparability with Smartthings, so I would use IFTTT, but would love to see this in the future.

Thanks for all the info! Good choice to accommodate 15A and the price point is perfect (if correct from post above).


Sign me up - Have several original WeMo devices that are larger than needed - Would love replacements and have then all running under one app.

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Thanks for info, Mike. look forward to replacing the 6 plugs I have. Assume the scheduling info will be on Wyze servers. I believe my current plugs are controlled by off shore servers. Can’t wait

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Whoops that was a typo! Good catch! And the plug is only for the US and Canada.


We thought about energy monitoring but the feedback from our focus groups was that it added too much cost for the value. So no energy monitoring, but we will have other ways to show you your usage data

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Mike, i know i read in another thread in this forum or another (not sure because i’m part of so many :)) that one of the Wyze employees stated that Wyze has no intention to develop a Wyze Switch. The logic was because it would require an average person to hire an electrician to install it vs just plugging in a Wyze outlet. I understand that thought and you want to appear to the masses. Maybe at some point Wyze should consider a “Pro” line and make certain products available to the integrators of the world and the high end DIY’ers that have no problems putting in a wired switch or outlet. Takes care of some of the problems where you have many bulbs on one switch or even a 3 way switch. Instead of my buying 5 x $7.50 to control all the lights, i’d love to buy one Wyze switch for say $20 that controls many lights… Just thinking out loud. That way i could then have all my products under Wyze ecosystem and not another 3rd party switch.



I agree 100%! A switch is really great for many use cases so it’s on the roadmap for the lighting/power product line. Though we have a few projects that are higher priority right now. So we hear you and are doing our best to build out a robust product line! Keep the recommendations coming!


If/when a Wyze wall switch is built, please consider making it a 3-way switch. This offers far more functionality to turn on banks of ceiling lights that are already controlled by a conventional 3-way switch.

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I already have a large number of single smart plugs that I purchased for less than $5 each, dual-outlet plugs for less than $10, and $20 for a 6-outlet surge protector with independent outlet control. so 2 for $20 did not initially seem like a great deal. However, with the higher 15A load and integration with other Wyze devices (immediate response from motion triggers) I can see some value.

The smart plug market already has plenty of reliable and cheap options, so there’s just no way for Wyze to undercut pricing like the camera market. It’s really the integration (motion/contact triggers) and features (vacation mode, 15A load) in combination with reasonable pricing that will sell these.

I will be buying some plugs but Yay, What I really want Is wired switches and outlets , I have no problem installing them



I have a question about the New Wyze plug. If I use the Wyze motion sensor is it possible to trigger and turn on the Wyze plug using the Wyze motion sensor? I want to plug in a siren into the Wyze plug to make an alarm go off when motion is detected in a room. If I can control the Wyze plug by the sensor, it will make this possible and very useful for all those that want a siren alarm system in their home.

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Nice, I have not run across that one