Wyze plug cat out of the bag

So now that Home Depot let the cat out of the bag and the Core facebook group is going nuts on this, any idea when the plug goes into Early Access order?


@barrygabler we may need to keep looking out on homedepot.com for that information. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


This was a miscommunication between Home Depot and Wyze. The smart plugs aren’t even in testing phase yet.


Bummer. Was hoping they were closer. Will be a excited to get a chance to beta test then!

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I’m happy the plug is not yet in testing mode. This allows time to produce the plug with two (2) receptacle connections rather than one (1). And, it allows time to design the plug so that when power is restored following a power failure, the smart plug returns to the state it is scheduled to be in when it is powered on. Many smart plugs will be “OFF” when power is restored rather than act in accordance with its programmed schedule.


Yes! Two outlets on one plug with separate control of each outlet. And the Wyze plug doesn’t block the other wall outlet.

Has Wyze announced that they are working to make each plug have 2 outlets? Or is this a suggestion you have? I think it is a great idea, just not sure if your post is a suggestion for Wyze or a FYI post.

If it had 2 outlets it would set itself apart from others. So far the only ones I have seen with 2 outlets only have 1 that is smart and the other is non smart

If its already been designed, and possibly been or being engineered, I’m not sure if they will redesign it at this stage.

yes, a dual plug would be great! I have this dual plug, both plugs are smart and can be controlled by Alexa/GH…I’m hoping Wyze will have a similar dual plug.

Personally I do not know why some does not come up with a 6 outlet smart face plate model.
All separate with three settings on/off or do not voice/bulk control.
This will allow people to have more outlets where they need it and turn off what they want.
I would by one in a heart beat for my entertainment center or game center.
= )

Especially with kids home for the summer.

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How does a “miscommunication” like this happen? How does a product that is not even in the testing phase get miscommunicated enough that Home Depot would put it on their website with a SKU number and everything. I think the whole think is a bit comical and ironic considering all the posts about Home Depots poor product placement of the cameras to begin with.


Kind of a slap in the face to the concept of “early access” customers who have supported the company. There was no mention of this in early access blog posts. Home Depot gets REALLY early access, ahead of loyal customers?

Love Wyze and bought into the early access forum, etc. Questioning the real intent of this forum, now.

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I know the last two products, Sense and Bulb, weren’t released to the masses before early access customers, so I doubt they would have these out for retail before allowing us access first.


As many of you already know due to several leaks, Wyze Plug is coming soon. It will be the second product in our Lighting/Power product line and will be available for Early Access on July 30th.

We were all surprised to see Wyze Plug on Home Depot’s website and have been working with them to take it down. Our Early Access backers should always hear about new launches first and we’re sorry that didn’t happen this time around.

While this wasn’t the way we planned to announce Wyze Plug, we can’t put the cat bag in the bag. So mark your calendars… Wyze Plug Early Access is coming July 30th!


Sweet, just 12 days away! Thanks for the info!

Yesss! Tuesday the 30th, I got my calendar marked. Looking forward to it.


Can you at least show us picture and specs and price since the cat is out of the bag. On here!


Wyze Smart Plug:

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