Wyze Plug, can't connect it to the app

I just got my 2 pack of plugs. I am trying to connect them to the Wyze app on my Pixel 3 running Android 10, which just installed OTA a day or two ago. I follow the instructions given by the app to switch to Android settings and connect to the Wyze Plug WIFI network. It connects, but Android complains that there is no internet. After a while, it switches back to my main WIFI network. I can’t get it to stay connected to the Wyze Plug WIFI and so, setup never completes. In prior Android releases there was a menu you could use to tell it to stay connected to a network with no internet. I’ve not found that in Android 10 yet. Any hints how to get this to work? Thanks.

Look midway down this page for the Android instructions. (Search for “Android 10”)

I just received my wyze plugs today connected no problem at all on my Android first time no problem thank you wise love them

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Are you switching back to the wyze app as soon as you connect to the plug Wi-Fi?

I followed directions to a t and had no issue yes I switched back to the wise app after connect to the Wi-Fi hope this helps you

Make sure your location is on your on a 2.4 Wi-Fi connection and you should have no issue

I was switching back right away. Then I would see a circle counting down. It would get all the way to zero and then give up. But with all your help, I found the answer. I needed to turn off cellular data. Then it worked. Although, it was still a bit wonky. I switched back to the Wyze app after connecting to the plug’s wifi network. Then while watching the countdown, all of a sudden the screen spontaneously switched back to the Android wifi settings screen. It wasn’t clear why it did that. I thought something had gone wrong at first. Eventually it dawned on me to ignore that and just switch back to the Wyze app again. Then everything completed normally. Thanks so much for all the help.