Wyze Plug Access During ISP Outage

I would like to have access to turn plugs on/off during an internet outage. I live in a rural area with limited options for internet access. Our ISP has somewhat frequent outages that can last several hours to a day or more. Not being able to operate the plugs via the app is disappointing. I have another set of plugs from a different company which allows local access without an internet connection.

If the internet connection goes down I don’t believe you will be able to control the plugs from the app:

The article is talking about WiFi being unavailable, but I assume the same would apply if the WiFi is available but has no internet access.

To caveat what @thequietman44 said, this is typical of many companies’ IoT devices.

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That’s exactly my point. I have some of the plugs installed in outlets that are somewhat hard to reach. Manual activation is not enough. As I mentioned in my original post, I have two KASA smart plugs and the app for those allows activation without an internet connection. Not sure how difficult that would be to implement in the Wyze app but it is certainly possible.

Lack of this feature certainly gives me pause to consider other options.

Which Kasa plugs do you have? I’m not able to do that with mine.

HS103P–they also work with a simple PERL script and Domoticz.


Interesting, thanks for the info!

Can’t quite remember if this is the one I used, but…

Sorry, the one I used was python: tplink_smartplug.py

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FYI there are a number of #wishlist topics requesting local control/access, so head on over and vote :slight_smile:.

Searching for “MQTT” returns the most relevant ones:

Not really searching for another automation option, just access via the app. Too many systems on my home network already. :laughing:

Yeah I have a number of automation systems set up too, both local and cloud :slight_smile:. MQTT is just one example of local control, there are #wishlist topics requesting that Wyze create a “native” software or hardware solution for local control when the internet is down.

Native software gets my vote…where do I find that request?

Here is a request for a hardware hub to allow local control without internet access:

Here is a request for a local “Wyze Cloud Lite” server that could run on the local network to provide control without requiring access to Wyze servers:

There may also be room in the #wishlist for a new request, simply allowing direct communication between the Wyze app and Wyze devices over the local network.

I will say that the prevailing trend with smart devices is dependence on an internet connection, whether they connect via WiFi or through a hub. There are a lot of good reasons for that (authentication/access control, convenience, etc), and even if local control would definitely be preferable for many users it may not outweigh the benefits of the cloud. That being said, RTSP wasn’t on the table until enough users requested it, so we can still let Wyze know what we want even if it doesn’t make it on the #roadmap.