Wyze Pet Food Dispenser

I was thinking that a Wyze device that we could set up to dispense dry pet food would be so helpful and there are not a lot of reasonably priced options out there.

I would love to see Wyze create an automatic app based and controlled pet food dispenser with a built in Wyze cam.

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I would like to see one as well, especially now that weather is getting cold where I’m at


I have a cat who barfs when she eats too much in short amounts of time, so I have to dole out her dry food in roughly 1-2 tablespoon amounts when she asks. During the night, I usually get up twice 1 am - 5 am to sprinkle food into her bowl. I would LOVE a Wyze programmable pet feeder.

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Something that could be set to automatic, but also utilize a Wyze cam and speaker so that you don’t have to try and set up cameras at specific angles to see your pets while you are away.

Could even manually feed and check food container levels.

This would be extremely helpful and a very worthwhile purchase from pet/Wyze owners.

My extremely greedy cat manages to break into most of the automatic feeders on the market. One that is actually pet proof would be great.