Wyze Pan - Person / face motion tracking

Maybe this would use too much cpu/ram resources, but it might be useful in some cases to only track motion on the WyzeCam Pan if there is a person detected. I have a Pan mounted under my roof with an outdoor case, and on windy days, it moves around like crazy. I don’t want to wear the motor out tracking shadows, bugs, and leaves. Maybe add this feature once vehicle detection, etc is added.

This kinda depends on how the camera detects people. It would have to be checking for people in real-time when motion is detected, in order to track. My guess is that it currently checks for motion, and maybe only checks for people after the video is recorded to save resources. (I don’t know for sure though).

your are correct, the person detection feature is only on the 12 second clips that are uploaded to the cloud. the clips are scanned on the camera and then marked. I would suggest using a PIR motion sensor BUT those captures are not scanned by the AI currently. it’s only the pixel based camera detection videos that are scanned. so depending on how you plan on using the camera, maybe a PIR sensor would help cut down on some detection clips.


To expound a little on what @Bam said (good info, BTW)… The AI that runs on the camera to detect persons already stretches the limits of the ram and cpu. That algorithm only looks at one still frame at a time to analyze whether it sees what looks like a human. The time dimension is not taken into account. To compare frames to each other across time, which would be required for motion tracking, if very likely beyond the ability of the current hardware. But it is something that Wyze is looking into.

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Is there a way to just capture person motion not all motion?

No, the person detection depends on the regular motion trigger to work. However, you can tap the Person button at the top of the events list which will filter out all the non-person events. Essentially the same thing. You can also limit the notifications to just those where a person was detected.

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In the case of a camera that is located on a desk, or other low object, it would be great if the Wyze Cam Pan could tilt up to the face. For example, if a person is detected, like if someone were walking by the camera, it would be great if it could try to tilt up to see their face, instead of their legs or torso. Perhaps person detection could have a “focus on face” mode?

This feature would be very nice!!