Wyze Outdoor Plug set times after sunrise/sunset

Would like to be able to set the Wyze Outdoor Plug to turn on and off at a specified time after sunset. For example sunset plus 30 minutes on and the sunset plus 2 hours off. I have an outdoor plug from another manufacturer that has this feature but prefer to use all Wyze products so I am only on one app.

I have the same request. If you have an amazon ECHO/ALEXA device, you can set up ROUTINES in the Alexa app to accomplish a sunset +xxmin activation. Just enable the WYZE skill and let your outdoor plug be discovered and it appears as a device that can be controlled via an ALEXA ROUTINE. I had the ALEXA ROUTINE up and running within 5 minutes. Works great. You have to set up a second routine to shut off the plug at sunset + 250min.

I would like that feature too. I am using the plug to control a chicken coop door, and I wish I can operate the door one hour BEFORE sunrise and two hours AFTER sunset.

Would also like the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the photo electric cell.

Can I ask you how you set up the outdoor plug to turn on at sunset and turn off at 11 PM. I am trying to do exactly that and I cannot determine the way to configure the plug/outlet using their criteria. Thank you.